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  June 24, 2024

Winning Ways Archive
Date Title
03-16-2016 Getting Ready for Easter Weekend
03-09-2016 H-E-L-P for a Spiritual Mismatch
03-02-2016 LOL with God
02-24-2016 Redeeming Our Sexual Brokenness
02-17-2016 Shocking Revelation!
02-10-2016 Training Today for a Glorious Tomorrow
02-03-2016 A Successful Church is a Mess
01-27-2016 Cleanliness Really is Next to Godliness
01-20-2016 Launching Out into 2016
01-13-2016 Student Ministry Matters
01-06-2016 At Cross Purposes
12-23-2015 O Leave, Let Us Adore Him!
12-16-2015 There’s Something About Joseph
12-09-2015 Chreasters Welcome
12-02-2015 Transitions
11-25-2015 From Gratitude to God
11-18-2015 Supporting God’s Global Mission
11-11-2015 How to Pray for Your Pastor
11-04-2015 The Power of Your Expectations
10-28-2015 Your Presence is a Present
10-21-2015 Six Things to Look for in the Lord’s Supper
10-14-2015 Messy Church
10-07-2015 No More Hermit Holes
10-01-2015 Will You Prayerwalk With Us This Saturday?
09-30-2015 The God-Forsaken God
09-23-2015 Why You Should Prayerwalk with Us
09-16-2015 The Anxiety Antidote
09-09-2015 When You Question God’s Plan
09-09-2015 Reminder about the "Get Anchored" Dinner
09-02-2015 I Knew My Daddy Would Save Me
08-26-2015 Like a Good Neighbor
08-19-2015 The Power of Your Forgiveness
08-12-2015 A Heartless Crime
08-05-2015 Are You Mayor of the Center of the World?
07-29-2015 What Got Jesus Frustrated
07-22-2015 Meet Elroy
07-15-2015 God's Forward Observers
07-08-2015 Lost in Translation
07-01-2015 Jump into July!
06-24-2015 What We Hope People Will Become
06-22-2015 Citywide Prayer Meeting
06-17-2015 Here I Am
06-10-2015 Too Busy Not to Pray
06-03-2015 How to Survive a Cultural Crisis
05-27-2015 No Place for Closets
05-20-2015 What if God Responds?
05-13-2015 "We Must Have Thee, O Jesus of The Scars"
05-06-2015 When Children Turn into Cats
04-29-2015 Sweet Tea for the Soul
04-22-2015 Who’s Coming with You to “Explore Sunday”?
04-15-2015 Get Ready for "Explore Sunday!"
04-08-2015 Tools for Soul Development
04-07-2015 Don’t Miss the Deadline!
04-06-2015 Reminder about the "Get Anchored" Dinner
04-02-2015 Free Family Photos on Easter Sunday
04-01-2015 Discover Hope
03-25-2015 Get Anchored!
03-18-2015 uTurn Others
03-11-2015 Don't Fly Solo
03-04-2015 A Look at a Converted Life
02-25-2015 "If At First You Succeed, Then What?"
02-18-2015 Agents for Peace in a Diverse World
02-11-2015 When You Face a Force Reduction
02-05-2015 Opportunities for Spiritual Growth
02-04-2015 God's 300
01-28-2015 Call Me "Maybe"
01-21-2015 Inside-Out Leadership
01-14-2015 Who God Says You Are
01-07-2015 What Drives Your New Year's Resolutions?
12-24-2014 The Hopes and Fears of All the Years
12-17-2014 Gone Boy
12-10-2014 God With Us
12-03-2014 Get to Know Lottie
11-26-2014 Bringing the Gospel Home
11-19-2014 Thanking Someone
11-12-2014 Trusting God's Abundance
11-05-2014 What We Hope People Will Become
10-29-2014 Remember Who You Are
10-22-2014 Of Sex Education and Seven Men
10-15-2014 10 Commandments for a Guest-Friendly Church
10-08-2014 Three Reasons to Support the Malawi Mission Trip
10-01-2014 What Are You Chasing?
09-24-2014 Who's On Your Fridge?
09-17-2014 Mission Work Across the Ocean and Across the Aisle
09-10-2014 Get Anchored!
09-03-2014 God Heals Families!
08-27-2014 Join Our Social Media Blitz
08-21-2014 1st Annual HBC Back-to-School Guacamole Throw Down
08-20-2014 3:16
08-13-2014 Encouraging Encouragement
08-06-2014 The I.N.V.I.T.E. Strategy
07-30-2014 The 'Nones' and the 'Noons'
07-23-2014 God Help The Fish Down Below!
07-16-2014 Shocking Revelation!
07-09-2014 New Adult Groups and Other Hillcrest Happenings
07-02-2014 Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
06-25-2014 The Most Important Word You'll Learn This Week
06-18-2014 Wrapping Up "A Beautiful Thing"
06-11-2014 Of Father's Day and Foundations
06-04-2014 To Forbear Is Divine
06-02-2014 Our Special Called Business Meeting
05-28-2014 How to Get Good Advice
05-21-2014 Summer Reading
05-16-2014 Two weeks to go!
05-14-2014 Learning to Doubt Your Doubts
05-07-2014 Are You a Wounded Parent?
04-30-2014 Saint Tom
04-23-2014 That's Scripture?
04-16-2014 What Does Easter Prove?
04-09-2014 Easter Events For You and Your Seeking Friends
04-03-2014 A Great BBQ Dinner and a Fascinating Speaker!
04-02-2014 How to Bounce Back
03-26-2014 When You're at the End of Your Hope
03-19-2014 The Wonder of Thunder
03-12-2014 Fit Your Story Into God's Bigger Story
03-05-2014 What the Sky Wants to Say to Those Who Will Listen
02-26-2014 What Are Friends For?
02-19-2014 Do You Focus on Outward Appearance or Inward Character?
02-12-2014 As You Wish
02-05-2014 Divine Adoption
01-29-2014 "Movie Messages" Starts Sunday
01-22-2014 Tools for Personal Growth and Outreach
01-15-2014 Teach Us To Number Our Days
01-08-2014 Your Living Underlines or Deletes Your Worship
12-30-2013 Give to "A Beautiful Thing" Campaign in 2013
12-25-2013 Good Riddance Day
12-18-2013 O Come Let Us Adore Him
12-11-2013 When Regifting is Right
12-04-2013 We Are a Sent People
11-27-2013 Thankful People Are Healthier People
11-20-2013 Meaningful Meals
11-13-2013 Plodding Visionaries
11-06-2013 Your Work Matters to God
10-30-2013 Still Life
10-28-2013 Serve With Us at 'Trunk or Treat'!
10-23-2013 Next Steps in Exploring God
10-16-2013 Telling People About God
10-09-2013 Is the Bible Reliable?
10-02-2013 What If God Was One of Us?
09-25-2013 Agents for Peace in a Diverse World
09-20-2013 Hoop Dreams
09-18-2013 A Broken World and a Good God
09-11-2013 We Came to Believe
09-10-2013 Special Message for Winning Ways Subscribers
09-04-2013 Why You Exist
08-28-2013 How Your Prayers Are Like Water on Rock
08-21-2013 Many Ways to Be Lost
08-14-2013 Getting Your Small Group Ready for Explore God
08-07-2013 Actions That Say "We're Glad You're Here!"
07-31-2013 Sharing Our Lives as Well As Our Gospel
07-24-2013 Gorillas in the Midst
07-17-2013 Explore God
07-01-2013 Pack a Bucket -- Serve the World
06-26-2013 What Are You Seeking?
06-20-2013 Apologies
06-19-2013 Accepting and Copying the Sacrifice of Christ
06-12-2013 Baptism: The Meaning, The Method, The Moment
06-05-2013 Are You Afraid to Win?
05-29-2013 What Jesus Wants to Know
05-22-2013 So Good So Far
05-15-2013 Elevating Vision
05-08-2013 Messed-Up Momma!
05-01-2013 From Generation to Generation
04-24-2013 Keeping the Past in the Past
04-17-2013 What Is Heaven Like?
04-11-2013 God's 911
04-10-2013 CORRECTION: Sweet Life Comedy Dessert Theater
04-05-2013 You Want Prayer Warriors for a Comedy Show?
04-03-2013 Don't Let Easter Be An Island
03-27-2013 The Most Significant Day in History
03-20-2013 When Jesus Shows Up
03-13-2013 A Medicine You Won't Mind Taking
03-06-2013 Fill Out Your "Questions Ballot" Today!
02-27-2013 Is It Enough to Just "Be a Good Person"?
02-20-2013 When Heroes Fall
02-15-2013 Not Too Late to Join "The Anchor Course" -- But It Soon Will Be
02-13-2013 Memento Mori
02-06-2013 Follow Your Heart and Fear Does Not Exist
01-30-2013 Are You Suffering From the Wallenda Factor?
01-23-2013 In the City For the City
01-16-2013 Or! What Is It Good For?
01-09-2013 Get Your Ticket for This Churchwide Banquet!
01-02-2013 This is Your Wake-Up Call
12-19-2012 The End?
12-12-2012 Wise Creasters Still Seek Him
12-05-2012 Opportunities This Christmas
11-28-2012 What It Takes to Teach the World to Sing
11-21-2012 From Gratitude to God
11-14-2012 Whittled Down to our Essence
11-07-2012 Vague Commands?
10-31-2012 Too Busy Not to Pray
10-24-2012 How to Guard Against Sexual Sin
10-17-2012 Healing the Violence of Our Hands and Heart
10-10-2012 What Honoring Parents Can Do For You
10-03-2012 A Day to Fully Rest in the Work Christ Has Done
09-26-2012 The Strong Tower of God's Name
09-19-2012 The Six Commandments?
09-12-2012 Our "Ten Commandments" Study Starts Sunday!
09-10-2012 Reminder about the "Get Anchored" Dinner
09-05-2012 We're Back in Our Renovated Auditorium!
08-29-2012 The Power of Your Expectations
08-22-2012 Devotionals are for the Brave
08-15-2012 W-A-R-M-T-H
08-08-2012 We Can Be Heroes
08-01-2012 A Heartless Crime
07-25-2012 Holding Out for Grace
07-18-2012 Omelets with "Mostly Fresh Eggs"
07-11-2012 50 Shades of Decay
07-04-2012 How to Pray for Your Pastor
06-27-2012 Proof of Life
06-20-2012 LOL
06-13-2012 What God Can Do With Ordinary You
06-06-2012 The Top 10 Ways To Make Summer Worship Great
05-30-2012 How to Confront
05-23-2012 It's Move-Out Time!
05-16-2012 Hearing Aids
05-09-2012 To Forbear is Divine
05-02-2012 When You Have to be a Mediator
04-25-2012 Dueling Leaf-Blowers and You
04-18-2012 Angry Birds and the Albatross
04-11-2012 Note to Self: Letters to a High School Me
04-04-2012 A Romance Story Written in Red
03-28-2012 Part of A Complete Sunday
03-21-2012 Eyes Wide Open
03-14-2012 Our Enemy's Most Effective Tool
03-07-2012 When You Feel Like a Bug on the Windshield of Life
02-29-2012 Be Ambitious About Controlling Ambitions
02-22-2012 When Flies Kill Lions
02-15-2012 When People Let You Down
02-08-2012 Our Extraordinary God
02-01-2012 Dig Another Well
01-31-2012 Electric Utility Rate Increase -- What You Can Do
01-25-2012 What Four?
01-18-2012 They're Searching, So Help Them Find Us
01-11-2012 Of Limericks, Haikus, and Other Divine Poems
01-04-2012 What's a Friendventory?
12-21-2011 Riding Herd
12-14-2011 If Not Us, Then Who's Going To Do It?
12-09-2011 Three Christmas Weekends at Hillcrest
12-07-2011 King David's King
11-30-2011 What Are You 'Counting' On?
11-23-2011 Riding with the King
11-18-2011 Please Make Your Voice Heard on the Austin Energy Rate Increase
11-16-2011 When God's In Charge, You Can Take Charge
11-09-2011 When a Hero Falls
11-02-2011 A Cripple at The King's Table
10-26-2011 What's at the Center of Your Life?
10-21-2011 Get Anchored Sunday Mornings!
10-19-2011 When Hiring a "Revenge Specialist" Isn't An Option
10-12-2011 Life Lessons from King David
10-05-2011 Don't Bother Inviting Me
10-04-2011 First Wednesday
09-28-2011 More Connections
09-21-2011 Connections
09-14-2011 Lord, Teach Us to Pray
09-10-2011 Volunteers Needed!
09-07-2011 Who's On Your Fridge?
08-31-2011 The Power of Prayer
08-24-2011 What Part Will You Play in Someone's Faith Story?
08-17-2011 Opportunities to Learn and to Serve
08-10-2011 What We Hope People Will Become
08-03-2011 Hillcrest Blessings
07-27-2011 Sing to the King
07-21-2011 Six Things to Look for in the Lord's Supper
07-13-2011 The Holy Helper
07-06-2011 Colleagues or Competitors?
06-29-2011 Does God Find You Useful?
06-22-2011 A Life Built By Busyness or Blueprints?
06-15-2011 A Solider in the Army of the Lord
06-08-2011 Make the Most of Sunday's Worship Service
06-01-2011 Fit Your Story into the Bigger Story
05-25-2011 Raising Ebenezers
05-18-2011 Three... Two... One... Lift-Off!
05-16-2011 Don't Be Left Out! Thursday Deadline for "Beautiful Thing"
05-11-2011 A Praying Church
05-04-2011 Love is the Thing
04-27-2011 Get Busy Living
04-20-2011 The Family Album Relay and the Easter Encounter
04-13-2011 Restoring Lost Values
04-06-2011 Think F-A-S-T!
03-31-2011 Meet, Pray, Love
03-30-2011 A Beautiful Thing
03-24-2011 Introducing Our Renovation Project
03-23-2011 It's What You Do Right Now That Makes the Difference
03-16-2011 Attending to the Building We Attend
03-09-2011 The Priority of Prayer
03-02-2011 Watchers and Doers
02-23-2011 Stubborn in Rebellion -- Stubborn in Faith
02-17-2011 Welcome our New Minister to Students!
02-16-2011 Jakarta Mission Trip
02-09-2011 Meet Steve Cloud
02-02-2011 Trolling for God?
01-26-2011 A Useful Word about the Useful Word
01-19-2011 Worth Ship
01-12-2011 Making Sunday Nights Count
01-05-2011 Get Anchored Sunday Mornings!
12-22-2010 Missing Jesus
12-15-2010 What if God Was One of Us?
12-08-2010 What It Takes to Teach the World to Sing
11-30-2010 What Does Jesus Do During the Offering Time?
11-24-2010 Inspiration Leads to Perspiration
11-17-2010 Influence Isn't a Popularity Contest
11-10-2010 The Most Important Word You'll Learn This Week
11-03-2010 Leave Your Mark
10-27-2010 Trusting in our Abundant God
10-20-2010 Proof of Life
10-13-2010 W-A-R-M-T-H
10-06-2010 How to Make a Lasting Impression
09-29-2010 Gorillas in the Midst
09-22-2010 God Uses Good-byes
09-15-2010 Following Christ but Quitting Christianity?
09-14-2010 Reminder about the "Get Anchored" Dinner
09-08-2010 Get Anchored!
09-01-2010 Finders, Seekers
08-25-2010 Be Part of Our Baptism Celebration!
08-24-2010 Reminder About the Master Plan Report
08-18-2010 What Are the 15 Most Precious Pages of Your Bible?
08-11-2010 Getting Ready for the Hillcrest Master Plan
08-05-2010 REPLY REQUESTED - Leadership Breakfast
08-04-2010 Simon-itis
07-28-2010 Our Sizzling Summer Schedule
07-21-2010 Christ's Butler School
07-14-2010 Spiritual Warfare and Suppressing Fire
07-07-2010 Trifling with God
06-30-2010 An Immigrant's Tale
06-23-2010 Be a Barnabas!
06-17-2010 Update on the Transformational Church Survey
06-16-2010 The Council of Dads
06-09-2010 Pack a Kit: Serve the World
06-02-2010 From Bunker to Beachhead
05-26-2010 Six Things to Look for in the Lord's Supper
05-20-2010 Who Will Your Deacon Candidate Be?
05-12-2010 How to Strengthen a Sermon
05-05-2010 When the Wind Blows
04-28-2010 Where Grace and Truth Meet
04-21-2010 To Our Wounds Only God's Wounds Can Speak
04-14-2010 Ballerina and Stripper
04-07-2010 The Neighboring Faiths Interviews
04-07-2010 Reminder about the "Get Anchored" Dinner
03-31-2010 The Easter Encounter
03-24-2010 Get Anchored!
03-17-2010 Telling People About God
03-13-2010 Spring Forward Tomorrow!
03-10-2010 Purchased by and for God
03-03-2010 Christ Without the Cross?
02-24-2010 No More Hermit Holes
02-17-2010 Powerless to Shut Up
02-10-2010 Why Church-Going and Evangelism Belong Together
02-03-2010 Lost: It's More Than a TV Show
01-28-2010 What Impression Are You Making?
01-20-2010 Godly Influence
01-18-2010 Matching Funds for Haiti Disaster Relief
01-13-2010 Even if . . .
01-08-2010 Discussing Our Future Over BBQ
01-06-2010 Three Ways to Build Your Life on God's Word
12-23-2009 Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room
12-16-2009 Preparing Preparers
12-09-2009 Welcome the Creasters
12-02-2009 Five Reasons Sharing Your Faith Strengthens Your Faith
11-25-2009 Thanks
11-18-2009 Hillcrest at Prayer
11-11-2009 Of Walls and Witness
11-04-2009 Making it Right
10-28-2009 A 193-Year-Old Apology
10-21-2009 In the Master's Hands
10-14-2009 I Yam What I Yam
10-07-2009 The Price of Admission
09-30-2009 Taking Stock
09-23-2009 He Takes Us Where He Finds Us
09-16-2009 God-Deprived
09-15-2009 Reminder about the "Get Anchored" Dinner
09-09-2009 Through the Valley of Surrender
09-02-2009 Missing the Heart of the Father
08-26-2009 Rethink Church
08-19-2009 A Re-Invitation Away
08-12-2009 Seeking the Seeker
08-05-2009 Fit Your Story into the Bigger Story
08-03-2009 My Zambia Mission-Trip Report... and What You Can Do
07-29-2009 'Come and See' or 'Go and Tell'?
07-22-2009 God Can
07-15-2009 Hallowed Be Thy Name
07-08-2009 The Fear of Success
07-01-2009 Finding a Forever Family
06-24-2009 Standing Strong in Tough Times
06-17-2009 Honor Your Father
06-10-2009 A Goodman in Africa
06-03-2009 When Advice is Obvious but Not Frivolous
05-27-2009 Become a Wise Guy
05-20-2009 Six Worship Music Principles
05-13-2009 The Christian Husband
05-06-2009 Tuning to God's Pitch
04-29-2009 Edging God Out
04-22-2009 Gaining from Brilliant Thoughts
04-21-2009 "Forward" Thinking!
04-15-2009 Bumper Sticker Wisdom
04-08-2009 Get a Do-Over
04-01-2009 Written in Red
03-25-2009 Seven Ways to "Improve" Your Baptism
03-18-2009 Living Today in Light of the Future
03-11-2009 Woeful Ways
03-04-2009 A Celebration of the Bible
02-25-2009 A Defining Moment
02-18-2009 Life Beyond This Life
02-11-2009 What Jesus Thinks of the 1040
02-04-2009 Sunday Nights at Hillcrest
01-28-2009 Get Anchored!
01-21-2009 Worship and Welcome
01-14-2009 Are You Alive?
01-07-2009 What Jesus Thinks of Helicopter Parents
01-06-2009 THIS WEDNESDAY: Motion to Meet Together at 10
12-31-2008 A New Year to Climb Higher
12-22-2008 O Come Let Us Adore Him: Christmas Eve at Hillcrest
12-17-2008 What if God Was One of Us?
12-10-2008 Mark Your Calendar for this Banquet!
12-03-2008 Membership and Missions
11-26-2008 Thanks Giving
11-25-2008 Special Update on Upward Basketball and Hillcrest Hoops
11-19-2008 Worthship
11-12-2008 Finding the Love of Your Life
11-05-2008 H-E-L-P for a Spiritual Mismatch
10-29-2008 'Til Debt Do Us Part?
10-22-2008 Odds-n-Ends
10-15-2008 Stay!
10-08-2008 A Spiritual Pedicure
10-01-2008 The Power of Your Forgiveness
09-24-2008 Revved Up!
09-17-2008 Are You Mayor of the Center of the World?
09-15-2008 Reminder about the 'Get Anchored' Dinner
09-10-2008 What Got Jesus Frustrated
09-03-2008 An Anchor for the Soul
08-27-2008 Are You a Functional Atheist?
08-20-2008 Lost in Translation
08-13-2008 The Church You've Always Longed For
08-06-2008 Summer Sunday Fun Day FAQ
07-30-2008 Here I Am
07-23-2008 The Privileged Planet
07-16-2008 Are You Ready?
07-09-2008 Hell? No, We Won't Go!
07-02-2008 Neighborhood Connections
06-25-2008 What If God Responds?
06-18-2008 The Church of Oprah
06-11-2008 A Parent's Lesson Plan
06-04-2008 Risk's Rewards
05-28-2008 Finders, Seekers
05-21-2008 Faith Stories
05-14-2008 Five Years Under the Hardhat
05-07-2008 The Mom Who Went on Strike
04-30-2008 LOL
04-23-2008 Got to be Grateful
04-16-2008 Creation Care
04-09-2008 What Are Your Bible's Most Important Fifteen Pages?
04-02-2008 Just Walk Across the Room
03-26-2008 The Cost of Doing Nothing
03-19-2008 Learning to Doubt Your Doubts
03-17-2008 Reminder about the 'Get Anchored' Dinner
03-12-2008 An Anchor for Life
03-03-2008 Catch the Vision!
02-27-2008 Baptism at the Ninth Hole
02-20-2008 Reaching Our Biblically Illiterate Culture
02-13-2008 The Church of God Grill
02-06-2008 Are You a "Tough Guy"?
01-30-2008 Ditching the Uniform
01-23-2008 Invite Your World to Life
01-16-2008 Stand and Deliver
01-09-2008 Why Sing?
01-02-2008 Good Riddance Day
12-19-2007 Christmas Craziness
12-12-2007 O Little Town of Bethlehem
12-05-2007 Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
11-28-2007 Christmas is for Missions Support
11-21-2007 Take a Pilgrimage with Me!
11-14-2007 A 'Gladiator' Seeks Baptism
11-07-2007 Discover Hillcrest -- and a Free Lunch!
10-31-2007 When You Suffer from Sunset
10-24-2007 Our Connection Campaign -- Phase Two
10-17-2007 Twelve Ordinary Men
10-10-2007 Ordinary You
10-03-2007 The Bath of Baptism
09-26-2007 A Perfect THEM Day!
09-20-2007 Wreck the Roof!
09-13-2007 The Lesson of the Seagull
09-05-2007 What Kind of Jesus Do You Have In Your Boat?
08-29-2007 An Anchor for the Soul
08-23-2007 THIS SUNDAY: Breakfast and One Special Service
08-22-2007 An Opportunity for Marriage Enrichment
08-15-2007 Sunday's Family Meeting
08-08-2007 Connect with Our Connection Campaign!
08-01-2007 The True Story of Rhett and Scarlett
07-25-2007 Make the Right Choice
07-18-2007 God's Power for Your Life
07-11-2007 Solving A "Critical" Problem
07-04-2007 When Flies Kill Lions
06-27-2007 Adventures with Tom!
06-20-2007 Why Fast?
06-13-2007 Three Renovations: Our Space
06-06-2007 Three Renovations: Our Program
05-30-2007 Three Renovations: Our Heart
05-23-2007 A Shepherd’s Heart
05-16-2007 Sweet Revenge?
05-09-2007 Honest to God!
05-02-2007 What 'I Do' Really Means
04-25-2007 Good Buzz
04-18-2007 Anger Management
04-11-2007 Time for Your Extreme Makeover
04-04-2007 Send an Easter Invitation!
04-04-2007 Discover Hope Again
03-28-2007 People to Thank
03-26-2007 Reminder about the “Get Anchored” Dinner
03-21-2007 Longing for Light
03-14-2007 An Anchor for the Soul
03-07-2007 Remember to Forget
02-28-2007 What Impression Are You Making?
02-21-2007 Connecting with International Students in Austin
02-14-2007 Go Ahead, Let it Out
02-07-2007 What Are You Chasing?
01-31-2007 A Super Sunday to Talk About Fishing!
01-24-2007 Pay Attention to the Foundation
01-17-2007 Small Mistakes--Big Consequences
01-10-2007 No More Bowling Alone
01-03-2007 Don’t Be a Pew Potato!
12-20-2006 The One We Celebrate
12-13-2006 Taking Scissors to the Virgin Birth?
12-06-2006 Just in Time
11-29-2006 Global Missions Matter
11-22-2006 Money Talks
11-15-2006 Passion Again
11-08-2006 Writing Letters to God
11-01-2006 A Ban on Death?
10-25-2006 Why the Cross?
10-25-2006 Send An Invitation About This Sunday’s Study
10-18-2006 A Vision That Will Draw People
10-11-2006 God's Gym
10-04-2006 There’s Something about That Name
09-27-2006 Everything I Ever Needed to Know About God
09-19-2006 How to Investigate the Faith
09-13-2006 Truth in a 'Whatever' World
09-07-2006 An Anchor for the Soul
08-30-2006 What is a Deacon?
08-23-2006 3 X 5 Night
08-16-2006 Hillcrest Footwashers
08-09-2006 God is Closer Than You Think
08-02-2006 Spiritually Homeless
07-26-2006 Grown... But Not Forgotten
07-19-2006 Find... Follow... Together
07-12-2006 Enter Narnia!
07-05-2006 The Next Level at Work
06-28-2006 Life Together
06-21-2006 A Glimpse at the Workings of God
06-14-2006 Honorable Fathers
06-07-2006 Are You Contagious?
05-31-2006 Next-Level Living
05-24-2006 To the Graduating Class of 2006
05-17-2006 Raising Ebenezer
05-10-2006 When Children Turn into Cats
05-03-2006 Believing the Worst About Christianity
04-26-2006 What If God Was One of Us?
04-19-2006 Discussing The Da Vinci Code
04-12-2006 The Judas Ballyhoo
04-05-2006 A Doorkeeper in the House of the Lord
03-29-2006 iChurch
03-22-2006 Worship is About Me . . .
03-15-2006 A Worship Campaign
03-08-2006 Two Services: How You Can Bless Your Church
03-01-2006 Two Services: Bible Study for Adults
02-22-2006 Two Services: Kids Ministry
02-15-2006 Two Services: The Schedule
02-08-2006 Two Services: Love Compels Us
02-01-2006 Two Services: What’s Your Blend?
01-24-2006 Tragedy's Triumph
01-18-2006 God’s Mark
01-11-2006 Two Services: Filling In Blanks
01-04-2006 Praying Together
12-28-2005 Happy New Year!
12-21-2005 The Silly Season
12-15-2005 A Gift for Jesus
12-13-2005 God’s Storyteller
12-06-2005 Good . . . But Not Safe
11-30-2005 The First Christmas Carols
11-25-2005 Either-Or Christianity and the Pulpit
11-16-2005 April 16
11-09-2005 Either-Or Christianity and Missions
11-02-2005 Either-Or Christianity and the Marriage Amendment
10-27-2005 Support Our Troops!
10-26-2005 Either-Or Christianity, Part One
10-19-2005 Rescued from Either-Or Christianity
10-12-2005 Underdog Stories
10-05-2005 Jesus and Our Last Enemy
09-28-2005 Part of This Complete Breakfast
09-22-2005 Hurricane Rita and Hillcrest Activities
09-21-2005 Jesus Meetings
09-14-2005 Katrina Relief
09-14-2005 A Fellowship . . . A Partnership
09-07-2005 Servants, Serving, and Service
08-31-2005 Firehouse Visits -- Only Ten Days Left!
08-24-2005 Honoring Austin’s Firefighters
08-17-2005 Discover Hillcrest -- and a Free Lunch!
08-17-2005 Godisnowhere
08-10-2005 Who Are You?
08-03-2005 Are You the Victim of Identity Theft?
07-27-2005 Hillcrest Generations: The Bridgers
07-20-2005 Hillcrest Generations: The Busters
07-13-2005 Hillcrest Generations: The Boomers
07-06-2005 Hillcrest Generations: The Builders
06-29-2005 My Daddy Will Save Me
06-22-2005 When It Don’t Come Easy
06-15-2005 Our Fathers Who Are on Earth
06-08-2005 David Sings the Blues
06-01-2005 The Hillcrest Institute
05-25-2005 Something Exciting for Sunday Nights
05-18-2005 Time Out!
05-11-2005 Changing Course With the Spirit
05-04-2005 Raising Your Kids Without Raising Your Blood Pressure
04-27-2005 When Unchurched Harry Met Sally
04-20-2005 Isn’t It Romantic . . .
04-13-2005 Rock Solid Rocks Solid
04-06-2005 Do You Have a Stressed Nest?
03-30-2005 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!
03-23-2005 God Can
03-16-2005 Raising Ebenezers
03-09-2005 Just a Closer Walk
03-02-2005 Plug In!
02-23-2005 God’s Beggar
02-16-2005 The Vision Thing
02-09-2005 Lab Rats Wanted
02-02-2005 The Lord’s Prayer in Your World
01-26-2005 There Is a Name I Love to Hear
01-19-2005 Learning to Talk to God
01-12-2005 Whittle by Whittle
01-05-2005 Lost: It’s More Than a TV Show
12-15-2004 What We Want for Christmas
12-08-2004 Corrected Recipe: Praline French Toast
12-08-2004 Courage is a Three-Letter Word (with Corrected Recipe)
12-01-2004 A Gift for Jesus
11-24-2004 Growth in Giving
11-17-2004 Celebrating and Sustaining Our Victory
11-10-2004 End Strong
11-03-2004 Service or Serve-Us?
10-27-2004 Halfway Point!
10-20-2004 Formed for Fellowship
10-13-2004 Worth Ship
10-06-2004 When is a Mountain Just a Foothill?
09-29-2004 Your Campaign Checklist
09-22-2004 Plugging In to Power
09-15-2004 Help with Hurricane Relief
09-08-2004 Movi-evangelism
09-01-2004 Exploring and Explaining the Faith
08-25-2004 Hillcrest and the Purpose-Driven Life
08-18-2004 Changed Lives Changing Lives
08-11-2004 God at the Movies
08-04-2004 What Does the 'E' Stand for in Your E-Mail?
08-04-2004 The Power of the Forward Button
07-28-2004 Until Then?
07-21-2004 Make a Summertime Splash
07-14-2004 The Deconstruction Worker
07-07-2004 Still Expecting His Return
06-30-2004 Learning Experience
06-23-2004 Think Fast!
06-16-2004 The 'Marks' of the Beast
06-09-2004 Bad Moon Rising
06-02-2004 A Look at the Last Days
05-26-2004 Summertime Checkup
05-19-2004 Year Two
05-12-2004 The Vision Thing
05-05-2004 Making Mom's Day
04-28-2004 The Renovation of Our Look
04-21-2004 The Renovation of Our Program
04-14-2004 The Renovation of Our Heart
04-07-2004 What Does Easter Prove?
03-31-2004 Easter Excitement
03-24-2004 The Promise of Buried Seeds
03-17-2004 Hands on Austin
03-10-2004 Hearing Aids
03-03-2004 Experiencing the Passion of the Christ
02-25-2004 Passion FOR the Christ
02-18-2004 Awful
02-11-2004 A Hello and a Goodbye
02-04-2004 Are You a Mountain Maker?
01-21-2004 Don’t Know Much About History
01-14-2004 An Exciting Start
01-07-2004 Moving Movies
12-17-2003 The Gospel According to Frodo
12-10-2003 A New Respect for an Old Commitment
12-03-2003 Special Workshop This Sunday
11-26-2003 From Grumbling to Gratitude
11-19-2003 What Does Jesus Do During the Offering Time?
11-12-2003 Between Sundays
11-05-2003 Depending on God . . . Delighting in Him
10-29-2003 The God-Oriented Life
10-22-2003 Get the Lead Out!
10-15-2003 Seeking the Seeker
10-08-2003 Solitary Refinement
10-01-2003 Model Families in Model Homes
09-24-2003 Take This Job and Love It!
09-17-2003 Where There’s Life, There’s Cope
09-10-2003 What Are Friends For?
09-03-2003 What Love’s Got to Do With It
08-27-2003 Your Turn?
08-20-2003 How to Talk to God
08-13-2003 I Didn’t Do It On Purpose
08-06-2003 The Church of God Grill
07-30-2003 Fear of Success
07-23-2003 Headlines or Headaches?
07-16-2003 Treatment for a Global Dis-ease
07-09-2003 The God of the Stories
07-02-2003 At the End . . . A New Beginning
06-25-2003 A Spiritual Tauberbischofsheim
06-18-2003 Mind Games
06-11-2003 Faith Full
06-04-2003 The Flip-Flop Flap
05-28-2003 Lost in the Translation
05-21-2003 Watch Out for Truth Decay
05-08-2003 The Mom Who Went on Strike
05-01-2003 Who Prays for Bill Ford?
04-24-2003 Lessons on Standing Up


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