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Tuning to God's Pitch
by Tom Goodman
May 6, 2009

Out of the NY Philharmonic Symphony comes a story about its conductor and a lonely Wyoming shepherd.  The shepherd wrote a letter to Toscanini, saying, "Each Sunday night I enjoy listening to you conducting the orchestra in New York City.  It's lonely out here.  My only comfort is my battery radio and my old fiddle.  Winter is coming, and then I won't be able to get into town.  My batteries will be dead by spring.  This means that soon my only comfort will be my fiddle.  However, it desperately needs a tuning.  Would you be so kind as to sound the note of 'A' next Sunday night so I can be sure my fiddle is up to standard pitch?"

The next Sunday, Toscanini's announcer read the letter over the radio and said, "Now, ladies and gentlemen, for the man in Wyoming, here is the note of 'A.'"

The pianist sounded the note and in their minds listeners visualized a lonely man in the wilderness busily tuning four strings to match the pitch being sounded in New York City.

In Proverbs 31, God did the same thing for wives.  He sounded a note by which married women could tune their lives.  Verses 10-31 discuss the married woman's relationship to her spouse, as well as her strength, her sympathy, her sphere, and her spirit.  Think of these five things as five strings that have to be in tune and played well in order hear beautiful music.

This Sunday we'll look at these verses as a part of our series, "Bumper Sticker Wisdom," a study through the Proverbs.  (Don't forget, we've created an "e-vite" about our sermon series on our website for you to send to your friends.)  This Sunday is also Mother's Day, so it's fitting to take this Sunday to encourage and challenge the women in our congregation who are wives and moms.  Make sure to honor your mom and the mother of your children this weekend, and include worship at Hillcrest a part of your celebration!  Our morning service starts at 10am.

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for Sunday night, May 17.  The praise band is putting together an hour of worship in the gym.  This will be a great night to boldly celebrate our great God!


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