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The Neighboring Faiths Interviews
by Tom Goodman
April 7, 2010

As Christians, we can embrace the faith of our fathers and understand the faith of our neighbors at the same time.

In a diverse city like Austin, you likely work with Hindus and live on the same street with Muslims, and your kids play sports with teammates who are Jewish.  We have to understand someone's worldview in order to build friendship and (if the occasion arises) to talk naturally about our faith.

To that end, I'm holding a series of interviews with local leaders from other major religions.  Rabbi Neil Blumofe will be our guest on April 11, Imam Islam Mousaad on April 18, Hindu priest Girish Chaitanya on April 25, and Buddhist monk David Zuniga on May 2.

I have invited these four men to an interview, not a debate.  Though we won't dodge the areas where we differ, my aim is to simply introduce you to "neighboring faiths."  In addition, we will have books for sale on how Christians can relate to neighbors from other faiths.

This event is to equip Hillcrest to serve our community; but keep in mind that the community we're called to serve will be in attendance at the event!  This includes members of the media, adherents of other religions, and seekers we'd like to reach.  I know you will represent Jesus by showing the utmost respect to our guests on the platform and to our guests in attendance.  I doubt anyone needs the scriptural caution, but keep in mind that "whoever belittles his neighbor lacks sense" (Proverbs 11:12).

Each interview will run from 5:30-6:45 p.m. in the auditorium.  (Click here for a map to Hillcrest.)  After dismissal, you can visit with me and the night's guest about any specific question we didn't cover.

Child care will be available, but please register your children so we can be prepared for them.  (Email my assistant or call the church office (345-3771) during normal business hours (M-Th; 8:30am-4:30pm).

We hope to record the interviews, and I will update you once this is completed.

The Hillcrest Family serves Austin best when we aim for two things at once: (a) to be good neighbors, seeking their good whether they convert or not, and (b) to be good communicators of our faith when the occasion arises.  The "Neighboring Faiths Interviews" will help you serve your community in this way.


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