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Studies in Colossians

Sunday Morning
10:45 AM
In the Worship Center

(You must be connected to the internet to see this picture.) "A Worship Campaign"
by Tom Goodman
March 15, 2006

I’m grateful to Michele Roberts bringing her testimony and challenge to Hillcrest while I was away last Sunday.  If you missed it or just want to hear it again, you can here it here.
This Sunday, March 19, we’ll dig into Colossians again.  Come discover three ways to keep faith from spoiling.

After this Sunday, we’ll interrupt the Colossians study for a few weeks.  We’re going to cover something God placed on my heart several months ago.  I’m convinced that we needed a churchwide focus on worship.

You and I have been in building campaigns that focused a congregation’s energies on raising money for construction.  In the same way, God impressed upon me that we needed another kind of campaign—a “Worship Campaign.”  He impressed upon me the need to focus our energies on lifting high his name!

On Easter Sunday, April 16, we will go to two worship services with two distinct styles.  For the last six weeks, I’ve spent time covering the “nuts and bolts” of that transition.  However, while it’s important to give serious attention to worship styles we also need to pay attention to worship significance.  In other words, why do we worship?  What is it all about?

The Bible tells us that worship is about three things:  Worship is about me bowing before my God; worship is about me among my church family; and worship is about me with my THEMs.

On the three Sundays leading up to Easter, I will share these three realities with you in the services.  You will also receive a Devotional Guide as a companion to this pulpit study.  It was written by twenty-one active members at Hillcrest.  I am so impressed with what they’ve said!  At the end of this Devotional Guide, you will find some “Frequently Asked Questions” about our plans to move to two morning services.

Do you remember our “Forty Days of Purpose” campaign?  Do you remember how special it was to go through the daily readings and the weekly worship, focusing together on our life’s purpose?  Well, I believe our “Twenty-One Days of Worship” will be even more signficant!

Our Worship Campaign will begin Sunday, March 26.  May God build a congregation of worshippers through what we do across this twenty-one-day project!


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