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Special Update on Upward Basketball and Hillcrest Hoops
by Tom Goodman
November 25, 2008

Do you know of some 1st-grade and 2nd-grade girls who would like to play basketball?  How about some 5th-grade and 6th-grade boys and girls?

If so, forward this email to their parents right away.

Our basketball teams are forming, and we still have openings on a few teams.  Most teams are filled, and we currently have 249 children in the Hillcrest Upward and Hillcrest Hoops Basketball and Cheerleading leagues. So it’s going to be another packed season this winter!

But we still have openings for...

  • Girls:
    • 1st grade
    • 2nd grade
    • 5th grade
    • 6th grade
  • Boys:
    • 5th grade
    • 6th grade

We will have our last evaluation day on Sunday, November 30th from 2pm to 4pm.  This will be the last chance for your child to be evaluated before final team formation.  Registration closes on December 1st.

For more information, click here.