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Free Family Photos on Easter Sunday
by Tom Goodman
April 2, 2015

Has it been a while since you got your whole family in one photograph?  This Easter Sunday at Hillcrest, we're providing free family photos!

Following our 10 a.m. worship service on April 5, join us in our Multipurpose Center for fellowship and photos.  Choose one of three stations where you can pose for one of our own photographers.  Your photos will then be available to download for free.

Forward this note to others who would appreciate this opportunity!  To learn more, go to Hillcrest.Church/Easter.

Good Friday Service.  Join us at 7pm on Friday, April 3, to reflect on the sacrifice of Christ.  The Lord's Supper will be observed.

Preparing for Easter Attendance.  If you're new to Hillcrest, click here for important information about making your first visit.  If you attend Hillcrest, (1) arrive early in one car, (2) park away from the building, and (3) move forward and to the left before sitting down.