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Citywide Prayer Meeting
by Tom Goodman
June 22, 2015

We are filled with sorrow over the nine lives that were taken in Charleston by a hate-filled young man.  As we mourn the loss of these brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to also ask ourselves:  What must we do?

We believe that as the church of Jesus Christ, we are compelled to stand against the racism, hatred and bigotry in our nation that has for too long been tolerated by our silence.  The tragedy that occurred in South Carolina and our response to it could be a watershed moment for race relations in the United States.  This could be the fork in the road:  one path leading toward healing and reconciliation, the other toward even greater division and violence.

This Wednesday night, June 24, we have the opportunity to make a bold statement against hate and racism together with the churches of Greater Austin.

Citywide Prayer Meeting
7 pm | Wednesday, June 24
Metropolitan AME Church
1101 E. 10 Street, Austin TX, 78702

If you need a ride, a church van will depart the Office Wing parking lot at 6:00pm.  Seating is limited.  Call the church office to check availability at (512) 345-3771 no later than 4:30pm Wednesday.

We will not hold Hillcrest adult programming this Wednesday night at our church building.  The NAMI group that meets at Hillcrest will still meet.

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