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Get a Do-Over
by Tom Goodman
April 8, 2009

Join us for the Lord's Supper on Thursday, April 9, 7pm.
Attend our Good Friday service during your lunch break, April 10, noon.

Celebrate Christ's resurrection on Sunday, April 12, 10am.

Just as.  We too.

Those two little phrases make all the difference.  The Apostle Paul wrote, "Just as Christ was raised from the dead... we too may live a new life." (Romans 6:4)

Just as.  We too.  The resurrection gives us hope that we can make a fresh start.

When we put our faith in Christ, the Bible says a union takes place between our life and the Lord's life.  When we become believers, our old life with its frustration, regret, and guilt dies with Christ.  And, since we unite with a Christ that was raised from the dead, we can have a new life with hope and expectation and confidence.

In the film "City Slickers" Mitch consoles his friend Phil, a character who has lost his marriage and his job, and he wants to throw in the towel.  Mitch tells him, "Take a do-over.  Like when we were kids playing ball and the game went bad.  Just start over.  You can have a clean slate."

The reason that line connected with so many moviegoers is that we've all experienced the desire to "just start over."  If this is true and God can enable us to make a fresh start, what would you like to do over?  Some of you would say, "I'd like to be a better influence with my kids."  Or, "I'd like to be a better example to my sister or brother."  Or, "I'd like to be more attentive to the needs of people around me."  Or, "I'd like to make better choices."  Or, "I'd like to show stronger self-control."

We can't go back and reverse all the mistakes and sins of the past, but we can say, "That was the old me, and in Christ people will see a new me.  I get a do-over."

That's one thing you'll learn by participating in "The Easter Encounter."  This special set of worship experiences is for believers and their friends who are asking spiritual questions.  On Thursday, April 9, join us at 7pm for the Lord's Supper.  Then, on Good Friday, April 10, gather with us during your lunch break at noon for a 45-minute service that will turn your attention to the cross.  And on Easter Sunday, April 12, celebrate the resurrection with us at 10am!


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