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The Family Album Relay and the Easter Encounter
by Tom Goodman
April 20, 2011

I want to make sure you know about two important opportunities for fellowhip, outreach, and personal spiritual growth.

The "Easter Encounter" is this Weekend!

Take time to remember the sacrifice of our Lord this Good Friday, April 22, through a special worship service at 7:00pm.  The music, the message, and the Lord's Supper will help you "cherish the old rugged cross."  If you're able, commit to fast on Good Friday so that the first food to touch your lips that day is the bread of the Lord's Supper.  You can review our Bible study on fasting on our website.  Joining with us on Good Friday will make your Easter Sunday even more significant:  On April 24, celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with your church family at 10:00am!

The Family Album Relay is Underway!

Some time within the next 3 weeks, a Family Album will arrive at your home.  The Family Album will be clearly marked with four steps you can take to make the relay a success:

Step 1:  Flip through the Family Album.  You'll find out about the improvements we can make to our Worship Center as the Hillcrest Family works together.  You'll also get answers to some "Frequently Asked Questions."

Step 2:  Read some of the testimonies that are already coming in from members of the Hillcrest Family.

Step 3:  Remove the packet that has your name on the label.

Step 4:  Take the Family Album to the next person on the list found at the back of the Album.  Don't plan on staying long:  A "doorstep visit" is all that's needed as you relay your Family Album to them.

Now, there will be 10-12 households on your list, so it's important that you move the Family Album to the next household on the list within 48 hours of receiving the Album.  The relay is underway, so be listening for a phone call from one of your church family asking when they can just run by and drop off the Family Album at your doorstep.

There are 22 relay teams, and the first three teams to "win" the relay will get a special recognition at our Family Dinner, May 12!  Let's have fun with this!

Significant Days

These are significant days in the life of the Hillcrest Family!  Take advantage of these opportunities for fellowship, outreach, and spiritual growth!


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