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Sunday Nights at Hillcrest
by Tom Goodman
February 4, 2009

Adults, Students, and Kids:  Hillcrest is where you need to be on Sunday nights!

For adults, our new semester of the Hillcrest Institute starts this Sunday evening, February 8.  You can choose from a variety of classes designed to help you apply biblical principles to life.

There's "Hill Climbers," a Christ-centered wellness program for men and women of all ages.  Or maybe you'd like to improve your prayer life with "The Advocates."

If you haven't taken "The Disciples Cross," now's the time.  You'll learn how to experience life in Christ through practicing six biblical disciplines.  Those who have completed this class can enroll in the next-level course, "The Disciple's Personality."  Topics include doing God's will, renewing the mind, mastering the emotions, presenting the body, and being filled with the spirit.

Everyone should take Herb Ingram's class, "Finding Your P.L.A.C.E. of Service."  You will get a clearer picture of how God has designed you for ministry as Herb leads you to identify your unique mix of Passion, Leadership gifts, Abilities, Character traits, and Experience.

I highly recommend "Love and Respect."  Whether you're married or dating, discover what a man and a woman each need in a relationship.

You can also select from a list of courses that help you understand particular parts of the Bible.  Choose the Bible Overview classes:  We have an Old Testament and a New Testament class.  The second part of the Fall Precept class on Daniel continues this Spring.  Also, women can gather together for the new Beth Moore study, "Esther: It's Hard Being a Woman."  And I'm teaching a class called "Modern Day Parables," a unique look at Christ's parables through short dramatic films that explain the teachings of Jesus in a modern setting.

Finally, you can choose to attend "Praise Hill" and join in gospel hymns and a devotional challenge, led by Jim Sessions and Dave Miller.

While adults are involved in these activities, there's something for students and kids as well.  For middle school and high school students, Rock Solid is now meeting on Sunday nights.  For kids in grades 1-5, there's Kids Choice Camp.  This is an exciting and interactive curriculum with lots of games, activities, and fun.  Kids from 3 to kindergarten enjoy Mission Friends, and there's nursery care for those under 3.

Everything runs from 5:30 to 7:00pm.  Join us!


Online:  Learn more about the Hillcrest Institute, find out how to qualify for diploma plans, and register for classes!

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