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Pack a Bucket -- Serve the World
by Tom Goodman
July 1, 2013

Help people help people help people.

Actually, that sentence makes more sense than it seems at first.

Thousands in southern Africa die each year from sicknesses like AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria, and other life ending diseases.  Often the only care they will receive is at home.  Missionaries and nationals connected with our International Mission Board want to minister to family caregivers in these homes.  Assembling a bucket with Baptist Global Response (BGR) is a way to help people help people help people.

Last Sunday I challenged you to join Diane and me with this project.  You can participate as an individual, as a family, or as a Hillcrest Bible study group.

The challenge is to pack at least one BGR bucket and bring it to Hillcrest by Sunday, August 18.

The BGR bucket is a collection of medical and hygiene supplies to assist caregivers of home-bound, terminally ill patients.  Items in this kit will make the caregivers' tasks much easier, but more importantly, will ease the suffering of the ones affected by the illness.  The kit consists of a 5-gallon, heavy-duty bucket with a sealable lid.  Inside the bucket are items that assist in keeping patients clean and dry.  There are also items to protect their mat or mattress from soiling.  Medicated lip balm and lotion help treat the skin problems that those suffering from AIDS battle.  Other items are included that make life easier and less painful.

By putting together at least one kit, you will help provide a physical and spiritual touch to those in sub-Saharan Africa who are dying from AIDS and other illnesses.  Our local Baptist and field partners in Africa will distribute the buckets in a way that gives dignity and hope to each family receiving a kit.

Everything you need to participate in this project can be found here.  We will have print copies of these documents at Hillcrest as well.  We're asking you to do four things:

  • Purchase the products from the shopping list.
  • Pack your buckets according to the BGR instructions.
  • Pray for those who will receive your buckets.
  • Bring the buckets to church and add it to the growing collection on stage.

Join us in this vital project!


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