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Volunteers Needed!
by Tom Goodman
September 10, 2011

Our Connection Campaign kicks off this Sunday!  Here are a couple of opportunities to serve:

Office Help.  We need one or two people Monday-Thursday at the church office to address and stuff envelopes.  Monday we definitely need two people (we'll be processing two days worth of Campaign data).  We would need them in afternoon.  These volunteers need to have decent handwriting.  People can volunteer to take one or more days a week.  Call Jami or Melanie at the church office (345-3771).

Callers. We have 57 of our 60 spots filled.  If you are willing to be a caller, especially for Sunday or Monday nights the next four weeks, contact Herb Ingram immediately (

Prayer Warriors.  We expect about 1200 prayer requests to come in during this Connection Campaign.  While we have teams who will pray at the church on the night the prayer request comes in, we need other prayer warriors to continue to pray for these requests on your own.  Packets will be available on Wednesdays and Sunday's beginning September 14th.  Take a packet, pray for four weeks, write three postcards (one at the end of the first three weeks), and make a call at the end of week four to see what God has done.  (The packets will have all the instructions you need.)  People can take one or more of these as they are available.