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Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
by Tom Goodman
December 5, 2007

In a few weeks, you will have an opportunity to discover in depth what God is doing around the world, and you'll be able to consider your part in his work.
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a life-changing 14-week study program, and a new semester of the internationally acclaimed course begins in January.
The course will give you an encounter with God as you're led through fascinating topics under the teaching of historians, missionaries, church planters, seminary professors, and leading missiologists from around the world.
Since its beginning in 1974, more than 100,000 people have taken the course around the world.  Across the past two years here in Austin, more than 650 people have taken the course -- from more than 81 churches representing 10 different evangelical denominations.  I'm a graduate, and Craig Johnson, chairman of our Mission Team, completed the course this year.  We highly recommend it.  Craig writes:

After going through the Perspectives course this past year and being challenged to live my life in a deeper and more centered way to our Lord and Savior, I wanted to take the opportunity to encourage my fellow church members to take this course themselves.  This class will open your eyes to see what God has always wanted and how He has always desired to reach people, both locally and globally, and bring them to Himself.  There are already several church members that have decided to take this course, and I would encourage you to take it with us.

By participating in the course, you'll get the finest overview of God worldwide work available today.  John Bush with Wycliffe Bible Translators says:
The Perspectives course succeeds in communicating that God has always had a plan for the world, that he is carrying out that plan, and that he invites us to have a part in what he is doing.  Many people looking to see where they fit into God's plan find the Perspectives course to be an eye opener, whether they are involved in their local church or helping to build God's Kingdom among the least reached.
Just consider some of the topics that you will study:
  • The Story of His Glory
  • Pioneers of the World Christian Movement
  • The Task Remaining
  • Building Bridges of Love
  • World Christian Partnership

The spring semester will be held in two locations: the Hill Country Bible Church UT downtown on Monday nights, or the Great Hills Baptist Church on Tuesday nights.  The semester begins on January 14/15 and ends April 21/22.  The course costs $215, or $415 if you want academic credit.  The fees include all materials.  There is a discount if you register by December 17.  Go to for more information and to register.
At Hillcrest, we recommend Perspectives as a part of our Hillcrest Institute degree plan.  During this Christmas season where our church focuses on international missions, I hope you'll sign up for the upcoming Perspectives course!

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