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“Servants, Serving, and Service”
by Tom Goodman
September 7, 2005

This is a big week for Hillcrest.  Here’s a quick word about servants, serving, and service.

First, thank your public servants.  You need to do this before Sunday, September 11, so you only have a few days left.  Stop by the firehouse in your neighborhood.  Bring a container of Blue Bell for their freezer, and bring an “Answer the Call” New Testament for their library.  We have a few left in the office if you need one.  This special Bible edition has been designed to catch the interest of firefighters.  Thank the men and women for what they do, and invite them to our special worship service on Sunday, 9/11.  We’re honoring our firefighters with two things: your visit and our worship service.  Don’t let one happen without the other!

Second, join in serving victims of Hurricane Katrina.  As I mentioned Sunday, there are three ways to do this: donate to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief through Hillcrest, volunteer with the Red Cross as they help with New Orleans refugees here in Austin, and help us partner with a church in St. Gabriel, Louisiana.  I talked with the pastor in St. Gabriel on Monday.  He is contacting his members who are housing evacuees so he can give us a list of their needs.  I will send you another e-mail message about this partnership when I get the list.

Third, bring someone with you to our service this Sunday.  As you arrive, you’ll see an engine from our local Station 23 parked at the front porch.  During the 9:30 a.m. “G-Force” (Sunday School for kids in grades 1-4), our own firefighter, Lieutenant David Smith, will talk about his relationship to Christ and he’ll have some firefighter gear for the kids to try on.  Bring your camera.  Then, during the 10:45 a.m. service, the Honor Guard from the Austin Fire Department will present colors, a real bagpiper will be on hand to play “Amazing Grace,” and we’ll read letters that Mayor Will Wynn and Fire Chief Jim Evans have written to Hillcrest.  The fire department chaplain (and Baptist pastor) Fred Daughtry will bring a greeting to Hillcrest and to the firefighters in attendance.

We’re in the middle of our “Movie Messages” series, a Bible study on the themes of some popular films.  This Sunday, as a part of honoring our firefighters, we’ll see what the Bible has to say about fighting the good fight.  The Italian Stallion learned something about that in Rocky.  Can you believe Rocky will be 30 years old next year?!

Discover Hillcrest.  Our next membership class will be Sunday, September 18, right after the morning service.  Lunch and childcare are provided, and the class runs until 2:15 p.m.  Our youth minister will lead a membership class for students in grades 6-12, and our children’s minister will lead one for kids ages 8-12.

Toward a Growing Marriage with Gary Chapman.  September 19th, Gary Chapman is coming to Austin and will be holding a marriage enrichment conference.  It will be at Hyde Park Baptist Church, and lunch will be provided for a minimal charge.  The cost is $40 per person but if you sign up with Hillcrest you can go for $32.  The charge for lunch is $6 per person, or you may bring your own lunch.  Contact Paul and Marina at for more information.

Don’t miss what God is doing at Hillcrest!


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