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Jakarta Mission Trip
by Tom Goodman
February 16, 2011

By the time you read this I should be recovering from jetlag on my first day in Indonesia.  I'm in Jakarta to teach a course on Christian doctrine at a school for pastors.

You may recall a similar trip to teach in our Baptist seminary in Zambia in 2009.  That assignment took me away from the Hillcrest pulpit for 5 Sundays.  In this new assignment, I'll cover 20 hours of classroom time in just 5 days.

On the trip, I will also tour the work of church planting being done by Indonesian Baptists, and I will preach in a couple of churches.  I also plan to visit a young couple who surrendered to missions during my service in my previous church in the Cayman Islands.  They are now serving in one of the islands among the Indonesian archipelago.

This Sunday as I serve in Jakarta, the president of the Jakarta seminary will be at Hillcrest.  Ronny Serworwora is currently earning a PhD at Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth to improve his service to the Baptist family in Indonesia.  You'll enjoy meeting Ronny and his young family this week during Sunday morning activities.

I'll be helping with Advance International, an organization that uses all-volunteer staff to train national Christian leaders in remote areas of the world.  Advance is a recognized contractor of theological education with our International Mission Board, and our New Orleans Seminary provides the accreditation for the classes.  I'm grateful to our own Jim McGuire for donating his air miles, which significantly reduced the expenses for this mission trip!

I can identify with Paul, who wrote to the Roman congregation, "I appeal to you... to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf" (Romans 15:30, NASB).

So how can you pray?

Pray that no travel issues or health concerns will interfere with my ability to do the work I've been asked to do.  Pray that my coursework, my sermons, and even my "informal" conversations will be useful tools to encourage and build up believers in the faith.  Pray for my wife as she manages on her own for a couple of weeks.  Pray that my reports upon returning home will inspire the Hillcrest family to continue the great work of missions support.

I look forward to filling you in upon my return!


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