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"Money Talks"
by Tom Goodman
November 22, 2006

We’ve all heard the aphorism: “Money talks.”  We usually use that phrase to cynically point out that those with money get their way, while those without money have no influence.

But “money talks” in other ways, too.  How we use our money sends a loud message about our priorities.

So . . . if money talks, what does yours say?

A few years ago I read about Brandi Gamache whose heart stirred with generosity at 8 years of age.  Even as a toddler, photographs highlighted the long, strawberry blond hair gracefully flowing over her shoulders.  But at 8 she ordered a stylist to cut most of it off and give the 14 inches of her carefully attended hair to a little girl who doesn't have hair.

Brandi had just finished reading a book about a girl who lost her hair during chemotherapy.  Soon after, she read an article about a not-for-profit organization called Locks of Love, which uses donated hair to provide hair prosthetics for children with medical hair loss.  Locks of Love has helped 40 children to get the hairpieces, and the charity’s founder Peggy Knight has seen the transformation in children—mostly girls—when they receive the donation.

But what interests me is the transformation in the little girl named Brandi.  According to the news report she had fought for years to keep her hair long over the wishes of her mother who had wanted it cut because it was difficult to manage.  But then there was a moment when the impulse of generosity flooded in, and what she had became less important than what someone else needed.

Remarkable, isn’t it?  That kind of giving sends a message.

The six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a season of giving.  Much of the shopping frenzy that will jam our roads for the next six weeks involves buying gifts for friends and family to unwrap at Christmas.  What’s more, our newspapers, offices, clubs, and Bible classes will extend challenges for us to help people in need.  Our church’s Overcomers group will lead Hillcrest in the “Angel Tree” project, and our church’s missions leaders will challenge Hillcrest to give generously to missions.

Money talks.  How we give and what we give sends a message.  So, we need to think carefully about what our money’s saying.  Join us at 9:30am or 10:45am for a timely Bible study on this subject!


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