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“Raising Your Kids Without Raising Your Blood Pressure”
by Tom Goodman
May 4, 2005

Reminder:  Don’t miss the “Important Notes” at the end of this newsletter!

A family invited some people to dinner and, as everyone sat down for the meal, the mother turned to her 6-year-old daughter and asked her to say the blessing.

The little girl whispered, “But I wouldn’t know what to say.”

The mother said, “Oh just say what you hear Mommy say.”

The little girl bowed her head and said, “O Lord why did I invite all these people for dinner!”

If you have children, your home is bugged.  Little ears are picking up every single thing you say.  Like it or not, you are teaching 24 hours a day.  You are never off the record at home.  Never.  They're watching you on the phone and while you read the paper and when you interact with your mate.  You are teaching constantly by your example.

How can you raise your kids without raising your blood pressure?  There are many confusing voices today offering many different opinions about how to be a good parent.  One guy had five theories and no kids and later he had five kids and no theories.  Where do you go for help?  Who do you look to when you need help and advise on parenting?  Who is our model?

In Psalm 103:13 we read, “The Lord is like a father to his children.”  That’s just one of many places where the Bible compares God’s dealings with us to a father’s dealings with his kids.  That doesn’t mean the Bible is telling us that we should see God as earthly fathers act, but we should see God as earthly fathers ought to act.  God is the model parent.  Since that’s true, then we can look at what God is like and draw some applications for the parenting task.

If that’s true, then we must understand our kids like God understands us (Psalm 103:13-14).  We must accept the unique giftedness of our kids, because God does not demand that we accomplish things we’re not equipped to tackle (1 Cor. 12:18).  We must discipline our kids and also express love to our kids, because we’ve experienced both of those actions from God (Prov. 3:12 and Psalm 145).

Aren’t you glad to be a child of the King?  The way God treats his kids is the way earthly parents should treat theirs.

As Mother’s Day arrives this weekend, forward this note to a mom who’s still “on the job,” and add your own words of encouragement for her.  If she’s in town, invite her to our Mother’s Day Celebration this Sunday!  At 9:30 am, moms who have kids in Grades 1-4 are encouraged to join their kids in our new G-Force program.  Then, in the morning service (10:45), I’ll expand on the things I’ve said in this newsletter as we learn how to raise our kids the way God raises us.


Important Notes:

05-05-05-05-05?  Take a moment tomorrow to pray at 5:05—morning or evening.  It’s the last time in your life that you’ll be able to pray at 05-05-05-05-05!
Mother’s Day Parking Help!  This Sunday, May 8, help us free up some spaces in our two largest parking lots: the one closest to the three-story Education Wing and the one that runs along Greenslope where all the guest parking signs are.  Please park on the gravel lot on the other side of the MPC (the lot above the new retaining wall).  We need about twenty cars to move to the gravel lot this Sunday.
Mother’s Day in G-Force!  We’re encouraging all kids in Grades 1-4 to bring their moms to G-Force on Mother’s Day, May 8.  Special activities will honor Mom on her special day, and Mom will be able to find out what our new G-Force Kids Ministry is all about!  Remember, G-Force starts at 9:30 sharp every Sunday morning.  There are too many exciting things to accomplish in an hour and the leaders aren’t waiting for late arrivals.  Don’t let your kids miss out!  Every Sunday morning, 9:30 sharp!
Vacation Bible School!  Wow, you must really like the new format for this year’s VBS!  Since we couldn’t find enough people able to work a daytime week-long VBS, we moved it to five consecutive Sunday nights starting July 10.  On the first Sunday of our appeal, we got a huge number of sign-ups!  You guys are the best!  Make sure to express your willingness to serve!  We’ll have another insert in this Sunday’s bulletin.  This year’s VBS will be CHURCHWIDE, and we’re anticipating our best attendance ever.  Be a part of what God’s going to do!
Men’s Fraternity.  Next Tuesday, May 10, is our last Men’s Fraternity for the Spring.  Join us at 6:00 a.m.  Coffee and juice complimentary; breakfast tacos for $3.
Get in the Zone!  On Sunday, May 15, all adult classes will meet in the gym for breakfast and a stewardship challenge.
Discover Hillcrest.  We’ve had thirty people take this class in the last three months, and twenty-three of them have joined!  This is a great number for a church our size!  Our next “Discover Hillcrest” class is Sunday, May 23, following the morning service.  The lunch and the class are free and child care is provided.

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