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“Get the Lead Out!”
Hillcrest Church Office
October 22, 2003

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Here is this week's WINNING WAYS . . . .

“Get the Lead Out!”
by Tom Goodman

Why do we say that when we want people to renew their energy for a task?

In the Civil War, Yankee troops used muskets with a rifled barrel.  This gave their musket balls greater range and accuracy than the Confederate smooth-bores.  However, the heated lead lodged in the grooves, reducing the efficiency of the weapon.  So, soldiers occasionally fired ammunition with a zinc base.  This softer metal expanded and scoured the rifling, restoring the firearm's precision.  So, to “get the lead out” became a proverbial expression for a periodic renewal of effort.

This Sunday, October 26, we have a chance to “get the lead out,” spiritually speaking.  First, we’re praying and planning for over 700 people to attend Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. this week.  If you’ve never been a part of a small-group Bible study experience—or if you need to renew your commitment to it—come this Sunday!  Second, this “High Attendance Sunday” kicks off a four-night conference with Tierce Green.  Tierce is a worship leader, Bible teacher, and my friend.  During the four nights, Sunday through Wednesday, he’ll be on the platform in jeans and a pullover shirt with his guitar and Bible.  But don’t let the casual approach fool you.  There’s nothing “casual” about praising God’s Name and studying God’s Word!  When that happens, changes happen!

I know we’re all busy with the Craft Show, Fall Fesitval, and school homecomings.  But is there ever a time when we’re not busy?  We have to make time for spiritual renewal because we’ll never find time!  During the Civil War, the more often a soldier fired his weapon, the more urgently he’d need to get the lead out.  Otherwise, the precision and force of his shots would diminish.  That’s true for you and me, too.

See you and your Bible this Sunday and let's get the lead out!

See you at 8:15 or 10:45!

Thanks to Doug Jackson’s column in the Second Chronicle (Oct. 6, 1998) for inspiring this edition of Winning Ways.



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