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(You must be connected to the internet to see this picture.)--> “Part of This Complete Breakfast”
by Tom Goodman
September 28, 2005

If you grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, there’s a phrase burned into your memory:  “Part of this complete breakfast.”

In between episodes of HR Pufnstuf (“He’s your friend when things get rough”), cereal companies pushed sugar-coated wonder foods such as Cocoa Puffs and Trix and Capn Crunch.  Before the commercials ended, however, a glass of orange juice, a plate of toast, a pitcher of milk, and some slices of fruit surrounded that glorious cereal.  Their product, the commercials told us, was “part of this complete breakfast.”

The entire commercial may have focused on the favorite cereal of a cuckoo bird or a silly rabbit or a befuddled captain, but the last line of the spot reminded us that their cereal was not meant to stand alone.

At Hillcrest, we work hard to plan a meaningful worship service every week, but it’s not meant to stand alone.  In addition to what happens in the Worship Center, you need to connect with a small group.  It’s “part of a complete Sunday.”  An hour before our worship service begins, people in your age-range gather to build friendships around Bible study.  At Hillcrest, we have two options for these small group experiences:  Sunday School and RiBS (Relational Bible Study).

We’re turning the spotlight on adult small groups this Sunday, October 2, before the worship service.  Breakfast will be served from 9:00 to 9:45, and then Herb will talk about why we need to help people find a small group.  This will all take place in the gym, and it will end at 10:30, in time to get you to the morning service at 10:45.

While adults gather in the gym for this event, our teens will pack the third floor of the Education Building and our kids will enjoy another wonderful Sunday in “G-Force.”

If you need to connect with a small group, this is a perfect Sunday to do so.  And, if you’ve been trying to get someone into your small group, this is a perfect Sunday to bring them!

By the way, after our focus on small groups, we’ve asked our youth praise band to lead our music during the 10:45 worship service.  The band did a great job a couple of months ago, so come support their leadership this Sunday, too.  But, don’t forget, it’s only “part of a complete Sunday” that includes your connection to a small group!

See you Sunday!


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