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You Want Prayer Warriors for a Comedy Show?
by Tom Goodman
April 5, 2013

I'm enlisting your prayers for spiritual impact on our upcoming Sweet Life Dessert Comedy Theater.

Actually, that's one of several things you can do to help us get ready for this special event.  But it's the most important, so I'll list it first.  Here are some things to do:  Pray, Purchase, and Promote.

First: Pray.  Now, you may wonder why we'd want to enlist prayer partners for a fun night of dessert and comedy.  It's because a big reason for this night is to extend a clear call to respond to the gospel.  So, pray for the following:

Pray for our people to use this event to build relationships with people.

Pray that our friends will accept our invitations to the event.

Pray that the event will run smoothly.

Pray that people will respond to the gospel invitation during the event!

Second: Purchase.  What I mean is, make sure to purchase your own tickets.  The last Sunday to purchase tickets is this Sunday!  Of course, you can also purchase advance tickets at the church office until 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 11.  Online ticket sales will continue until noon of the day of the show, Saturday, April 13.  Click here for instructions for online tickets.  After that, tickets rise to $15 at the door.

Third: Promote.  Your influence will help make this night a success!  Here are some ways to promote the event:

Encourage your Sunday School class or Common Ground group to buy tickets and sit together.  That way your entire group can welcome the guests your group members bring!

During your group's meeting this Sunday, encourage them to buy their tickets in the gym after class this Sunday.  Strike when the iron is hot!

Call your group's prospects and inactive members and ask them to come sit at your group's table.  You might even consider the offer to pick up the $10 tab to get them there!

Send out an email to your group and include the link to the web page about the event:

Post our YouTube video to your Facebook account and invite people to come.  Just highlight, copy and paste this note:  "Hope you can come to this.  Message me for more information!"  If you take everything that is between the quotes and post it to Facebook, the video will show up in your update.

Please help us make this event a success:  Pray, Purchase, and Promote!