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Changed by Christ's Toughest Words

Sunday Mornings
9:30 & 10:45 "Good Buzz"
by Tom Goodman
April 25, 2007

Thanks for your part in making Hillcrest a great place to be on Sunday mornings!  You’re generating “good buzz”!

Wedding Photos!  Thanks to so many of you for turning in your wedding photos!  The deadline is this Sunday!  We need two photos: one from your wedding day (or a photo from when you first met) and we need one recent photo as well.  We also need your date of marriage.  All printed photos will be returned.  Bring photos to Jami or Karen at the office for scanning, or submit a digital shot to: or  Jami and Karen are helping me create a photo montage for my sermon on marriage in May.  The montage will be set to a 4-1/2 minute song.  Don’t be left out!

Our New Series.  People are spreading the word about our new sermon series, Extreme Makeover.  On the hit TV show by the same name, Ty Pennington and his crew choose a family that needs a new home, and in one week they remodel or even rebuild an amazing new place for the family to live.  At the end of each Extreme Makeover show, as Pennington walks the family through all the rooms of their new home, TV viewers can’t help but say, “Wow, did you see that!  Look at that kitchen!  I want a bedroom like that!  Did you see what they did with the garage!”  That’s the way people will start reacting to the changes Jesus makes in your life.  Jesus was a carpenter, too, and as he renovates your life, people will say of you, “Wow, you’re different!”  Join us this Sunday at 9:30am or 10:45am!

Greeting Newcomers.  Thank you so much for greeting the people around you each Sunday!  I got a nice note from Tom and Sheila Eveslage Sunday afternoon about their chat with a young woman who sat near them during the second service.  Also, last week, my neighbors were visiting in the first service and were wowed by the friendly invitation of Meta Pugh to join her Common Ground group.  And these warm greetings happen even before our visitors exit through the lobby where Fred and Joanne Chappell and their team of greeters thank them for coming and give them a gift bag.  Keep up the great work

Bringing Newcomers.  In addition to greeting newcomers, several of you are bringing newcomers.  This week I met a young adult son of one of our members who came for the second time with a friend of his.  I met a member’s sister.  I met the new boyfriend of one of our college students.  And I met a member’s friend who has just moved his family here from California, and they’re looking for a church home.

INVITE Workshop.  When it comes to our six-step INVITE Evangelism Strategy, you need an introduction or a reminder.  So, join us in the gym this Sunday night, April 29, at 5:30pm and discover how to make a profound spiritual influence on others!

Keep up the good buzz!  It’s a great time to be part of Hillcrest!


Links to Your World

Ravi Zacharias will be in town next week.  On Monday night, April 30, he will be at the First Evangelical Free Church to critique Islam.  Register online for $20 or pay $25 at the door.  Learn more here.  On Tuesday morning, May 1, he will speak at Austin’s Prayer Breakfast, one of the National Day of Prayer events in our area.  Cost is $30 a ticket, or you can sponsor a table for $300 and invite guests to join you.  Sign up here.  Ravi is an internationally recognized speaker with many books  to his name.

Here we go again.  The Austin police department is investigating officers suspected of viewing porn on duty.  A month ago it was the EMS department that had to investigate the same issue with their employees.  The words of Jesus that we’ll study at Hillcrest this Sunday, April 29, can transform our community.

The Southern Baptist Texan did a special report on the subject of pornography in a recent issue.  They covered internet porn addiction, and how a wife should respond to her husband’s addiction.

“Seeing women primarily as potential sex partners changes the way men view women,” says author Gary Thomas in the article, Blinded By the Sight.  “It affects what we value about them; it distorts the way we relate to them.”

The men of your Ministry Staff have x3watch on our computers, and we recommend it to you.

If you’re a church leader, spend some time with Andy Stanley.  All six of his “Drive” conference sessions are online here.  (HT: Connexion)

If you’re tired of paying the bills for your kids cell phone texting addiction, enter them in this contest and get some money back.

You’re never too old to win Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Good reading:  Abstract of Systematic Theology by JP Boyce.

“The Christian Church has had a love-hate relationship with the arts.” (Faith Imitates Art)

There’s more at my weblog, “Get Anchored,” including the "Song of the Week" ("Heart of Hearts" by the late Mark Heard) and continuing coverage of our church's vision.  Also, make sure you read "The Ignored Master."  To keep up with the journal, sign up for e-mail updates or assign the feed to your news reader or Google Personalized Home Page.

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