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Beating the Obstacles to Real Faith

Sundays at 9:30 and 10:45am.  
Just Walk Across the Room
by Tom Goodman
April 2, 2008

Ten thousand steps.

On average, you walk ten thousand steps each day of your life.  That’s about 115,000 miles in a lifetime, which adds up to over 4 trips around the globe!

What if just ten of those steps could impact someone’s eternity?

That’s how Pastor Bill Hybels opens his book, Just Walk Across the Room.  Ten steps will get you about 20 feet, the average distance across most rooms.  And getting across a room may get you into a conversation with someone that could change her or his eternity.

Starting this Sunday evening in the Parlor, I’m going to lead a 4-week study on how to do that.  We’ll look at some video teaching from Hybels and then learn how to apply the lessons to life.  You won’t need to buy a book or do homework, but our time together will spark a new conviction in you that we need to build relationships with folks in our world.  Helping someone cross the line of faith often starts with us crossing a room in faith!

This study dovetails well with the I.N.V.I.T.E. Strategy we promote in our church:

NURTURE a real relationship with THEM
VERIFY the spiritual condition of your THEMs
INTRODUCE THEM to your church family
TELL THEM your story
ENCOURAGE THEM to cross the line of faith

You can listen to my sermon about the I.N.V.I.T.E. Strategy at the "Sermons" page of our website.

"Order my steps!" cried the Old Testament poet (Psalm 119:133 KJV).  Are you using wisely the ten thousand steps you’re walking today?  Join us for this study and discover the life-changing impact of just walking across a room!  We meet the next four Sunday evenings in the Parlor at 5:30pm.

Also, this Sunday morning we conclude our series entitled The Final Four.  It’s a study through Matthew 11 where we’re learning how to beat the obstacles to real faith.  This week, we’ll see what Jesus says about trusting him instead of our own self-salvation project.  Bring a friend and join us at 9:30am or 10:45am!

Drop By the Blog, Leave a Comment.  At my weblog, "Get Anchored," every Sunday I post a new "Song of the Week" (This week, Julie Miller's "All My Tears").  Also, every Tuesday I post some entertaining and informative "Links to Your World."  This week, you can also hear a beautiful reading of part of the Massai Christian Creed, read about the Baylor scandal of jeans half-off, and the conclusion of my LeaderLines series called "unChristian Christianity."

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