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What the Sky Wants to Say to Those Who Will Listen
by Tom Goodman
March 5, 2014

"Something happened to these kids.  They learned much more and grew much more."

That was the conclusion of one Harvard researcher after examining kids who loved sky gazing.  If that's true, what are we missing if we just go through life with no real regard for the vast canopy above us?

The researchers were investigating an educational program called "For Spacious Skies."  Boston newscaster Jack Borden started the project after an epiphany.

"I had never really noticed the sky before," he said, recalling a memorable hike.  "But that day its beauty, majesty and fragility just overpowered me."

He wrote a 32-page booklet for school teachers, sketching out ways that the sky could stimulate learning.  When Harvard educators evaluated the impact of the For Spacious Skies program, they concluded that artistic, musical, and literary skills improved much faster for sky gazers than others.

King David was a sky gazer, and in his poetry he reflected on what he learned while staring upward.

In Psalms 8, it was the night sky that caused him to marvel at how small he was in the universe and yet how big he was in the priorities of God.

In Psalms 19, it was the day sky that prompted praise for the bright revelation of God to the whole earth.

In Psalms 29, it was the stormy sky that made David gasp in wonder at God's power.

Across the next three Sundays, we're going to let the beloved poet teach us how to be sky gazers.  Our series is called Sky Lines: What the Sky Wants to Say to Those Who Will Listen.

When I was in high school, I briefly considered a career in meteorology.  (Maybe I just wanted a job where I could be wrong fifty percent of the time and still get paid.)  This Bible study takes me back to my early fascination with the sky.  It's a fascination we should never grow out of.  Join us for this study each Sunday at 10!

Women's Ministry Mini-Retreat.  Our new ladies ministry is called "Wings: Women in God's Service."  One of their first projects is a "mini-retreat" on Saturday, March 29, 8:30am - 2:00pm.  The cost is $10, which includes breakfast and lunch.  For more information and to register online, click here.


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