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"Lessons on Standing Up"
Hillcrest Church Office

April 24, 2003

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"Lessons on Standing Up"
by Tom Goodman

In March 1999, the Seattle Police Department ordered their employees to undergo a training session on how to safely sit in a chair. The order came after two employees slipped off their rolling desk chairs and fell to the floor, one injuring herself badly enough to miss work. A memo was sent out to 26 employees with these instructions on sitting down: "Take hold of the arms and get control of the chair before sitting down." Apparently, the department didn't feel that was clear enough, so they went on to schedule a half-hour lesson on the proper way to sit down.

Some of us need lessons on sitting down, I suppose. But most of us need some lessons on standing up.

Welcome to Lesson One!

In your e-mail program's inbox each week you'll receive a quick lesson on standing up for Christ. We're calling these weekly lessons "Winning Ways." The purpose of Winning Ways is to get a quick shot of inspiration and information to all Hillcrest supporters before each Sunday in a format that would make them want to forward the e-newsletter to their friends.

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P.S., I'm looking forward to beginning as your pastor on May 18! Pray for us as we wrap up all the loose ends in Grand Cayman and as we say many a teary good-bye!




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