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Hillcrest Church Office
October 20, 2004

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Here is this week's WINNING WAYS . . . .

“Formed for Fellowship”
by Tom Goodman

As we continue through our Forty-Days experience, this week we’re looking at the second life-purpose:  we were formed for fellowship.

What is “fellowship?”  Scholars can get teaching fellowships, and The Fellowship of the Ring is one of the most popular books and films of all time.  Some churches call their Sunday School groups “Adult Bible Fellowships.”  And several new churches are following the lead of Ed Young’s church in Grapevine by simply calling their churches “Fellowship Church” (there’s one in southwest Austin).  The church I used to serve was part of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship, launched by the International Mission Board.  Several of our members are part of a weekly group called “Bible Study Fellowship.”  Students can join the “Fellowship of Christian Athletes” and our Overcomers Ministry is part of the “Prison Fellowship” organization.  Last year our church was one of the hosts of an area-wide conference led by the “Watchman Fellowship.”  Most of our church socials are called “fellowships”—including the “Fabulous Fall Fellowship” on October 31.

In short, we hear the word “fellowship” all the time.  The problem is, not all of us could come up with a good definition of the word.

If this is one of the five life-purposes God expects us to fulfill, we can’t go through life with a hazy idea of what it means.  So, make sure to keep up with this week’s daily readings and attend the events this Sunday as we focus on the theme of “Fellowship.”

This Sunday I’ll lead us through a study of four levels of Christian fellowship:  “choosing to belong,” “learning to share,” “doing my part,” and “loving believers like family.”

You guys are doing a great job staying “flexible” during the campaign!  Regarding these upcoming “Purpose-Driven” events, be sure to pray and participate:

The Fabulous Fall Fellowship, Sun., Oct. 31
The Ministry Fair, Sun., Nov. 7
The “Driven” Golf Scramble, Sat., Nov. 13
“Discover Hillcrest,” Sun., Nov. 14
Celebration Sunday, Nov. 21
For more information about these events, read the weekly “Purpose Page.”  You will find it in your bulletin, in your newsletter, and at

Keep up the great work!  See you this Sunday!


This Week at Hillcrest:

Budget Requests Deadline:  Deadline to turn in requests for the 2005 budget is this Sunday!  Turn them in by hand or by e-mail to Gene Chappell ( or John Smith (
Jim Siegel’s Birthday is this Friday, October 22.  Happy b-day, Jim!
The “Fabulous Fall Fellowship” Team Needs YOU!  Don’t pass up the sign-up boards at church this Sunday!  Commit to working a booth, bringing some goodies, or volunteering for a position.  This event is for the ENTIRE CHURCH FAMILY and we need a lot of workers!
Be in prayer for the Purpose-Driven Life campaign.  Over sixty adults who have not previously been in our Bible study classes have been attending during the campaign.  Also, four home groups have been formed, including one in my home.  Will home groups be a powerful option for our Bible study ministry in the future?  We’ll see!
New Chapter:  I’ve added a new chapter to The Anchor Course at www.anchorcourse.blogspot.comReading these chapters will help you explain the faith, and forwarding these chapters to your seeking friends will help them explore the faith.



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