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How to Make a Lasting Impression
by Tom Goodman
October 6, 2010

"We are getting to the point where people's retirement life stage may be longer than their work life stage."

That's Daniel J. Veto, senior vice president of the research group, Age Wave.  It's only a slight exaggeration, because studies predict that those now in their 50s and 60s are likely to live well into their 80s and even their 90s.

My question:  How can Hillcrest train people to glorify God in this significant "second half" of adulthood?

As a multi-generational church, we should ask this question as often as we ask how to reach the 60,000 children and youth within 5 miles of our facility.  And one way we're trying to answer that question is through our "Second Half" ministry.  This group organizes socials and mission trips primarily for the baby boomer generation.  Sheila Evaslage coordinates this ministry, and part of Gene Chappell's staff assignments is to see this work blossom over the next few years.

A few years ago, Claudia Deutsch of the New York Times wrote an article about the preparation people should make for this stage in life -- especially preparation for retirement.  Too often people think retirement planning is just about 401(k)s and mutual funds.  While financial planning is important, there's more.  "People lose much more than a paycheck when they retire, Deutsch wrote.  "They lose a community of like-minded souls, a sense... of accomplishment and an important line of demarcation between workdays and weekends.  They also lose a feeling of personal identity that is difficult to replace late in life."

Hmm....  I wonder where a retired person could find "a community of like-minded souls," "a sense of accomplishment," "an important line of demarcation between workdays and weekends," and "a feeling of personal identity?"

You guessed it:  Hillcrest's "Second Half" ministry can provide all of that through social interaction, continued growth in Bible study, and meaningful mission work.

As a pastor of a multigenerational church, I want baby dedications and graduate recognitions and silver wedding anniversary parties -- and I want to mobilize second-half adults to leave a legacy of service and spiritual growth, too!

This Sunday morning, that will be our focus as we return to our study through the Book of Acts.  We'll meet a woman named Tabitha in chapter 9 who can teach us three things about making a lasting impression: be something, do something, and leave something.  Join us @ 10!


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