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"THIS SUNDAY: Breakfast and One Special Service"
by Tom Goodman
August 23, 2007

Don't forget about our schedule change this Sunday only!

Spread the news about our special event this Sunday, August 26!  We're holding breakfast at 9:30am and then one combined worship service at 10:30.  Our second service normally starts at 10:45, but remember to come at 10:30 this Sunday.

We're coming together to experience the musical, Love Will Be Our Home.

We'll meet George and "Mimi" Anderson as they make big plans to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary with a family reunion.  Eagerly they await news from their children, now grown and with families of their own.  Letters from all their children arrive at the same time, and through them we meet Rachel, Katherine, Bryan, and Robin.

Katherine, a fast-rising professional, is upbeat about coming, and Robin and her husband write to say they wouldn't miss it.  Rachel -- happy but challenged as a new mother -- writes to say that her family will also be there.  Bryan's letter, however, is disturbing -- he's not sure he'll be able to come.  We soon discover that things aren't going well with Bryan and his wife, Beth.

The big day arrives when family, friends, and neighbors gather to honor George and Mimi.  The special tributes, both humorous and touching, reveal a man and a woman who anchored their family and their marriage on Christ.

But will we see all the family there?

Our choir and drama teams have been working hard to get this special event ready for us.  Through their skills, we'll witness this story of the grace and power of God in action.  Join us for the breakfast in the MPC at 9:30am and then gather with us in the auditorium at 10:30am for Love Will Be Our Home.

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