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Who's Coming with You to "Explore Sunday"?
by Tom Goodman
April 22, 2015

A big part of our life is our involvement at Hillcrest, and we want to introduce others to it.  So, we're inviting people to our first ever "Explore Sunday" this weekend!  Who's coming with you?

"Explore Sunday" is designed as an "Open House Party" to introduce our friends, neighbors, and co-workers to what we do at Hillcrest.  Think about those who belong to another church, or another faith, or even no faith.  Guests will feel no pressure to sign up for anything.  Instead, we just want to give the people who are important to us a chance to experience the church that is important to us.

As a part of this effort, we're also challenging our small-group leaders to contact members and prospects on their class roll to make sure everyone is in attendance on April 26.  So ask your Sunday School teacher or Common Ground host what you can do to help.

For parents of children and teens, one key component of Explore Sunday is "Sleepover Saturday."  Talk with your kids about whom they could invite to sleep at your house on Saturday night and attend Hillcrest the next morning.  Be ready to answer any questions parents may have, and let Steve or Karen or me know if we can help you with your efforts.

We've created a web page you can provide for people as you invite them to Explore Sunday and Sleepover Saturday.  Forward this link to your friends: www.Hillcrest.Church/ExploreSunday.

Please be in prayer for this important Sunday at Hillcrest.

Life Together.  Our series called "Tools for Soul Development" continues this Sunday.  Fellowship with other believers is a vital tool for spiritual growth, and we'll see why this is so essential in our study this week.  See you at 10!

Missions Munch.  Brian McKanna will be with us on Sunday, May 3.  He works for the International Mission Board in Central Asia.  Enjoy a BBQ lunch and learn more about his life and ministry from 12:15-2:00pm.  You can purchase your ticket for $7 online (www.Hillcrest.Church) or in person at the Wednesday meal, in the MPC after service, or in the church office.

The Malawi Mission Trip Report.  Watch a 5-minute video summarizing our church's trip to Malawi to host the Annual General Meeting of the IMB's Zambezi Cluster.  You can find it at


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