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The Life and Reign of King Hezekiah
(Sundays @ 10)
Hillcrest Baptist Church

Follow Your Heart and Fear Does Not Exist
by Tom Goodman
February 6, 2013

What will you do when unwelcome news rises up before you like a 100-foot ocean wave?  Where will you find the courage to ride it out?

Last week Garrett McNamara faced a literal wave of that magnitude.  The world-famous surfer traveled to the Nazaré area of Portugal precisely because it has perfect conditions for generating waves of astonishing size.  He ended up catching a 10-story monster.

Was he frightened when what he sought actually rose up before him?  "If you have fear then it means you are not living in the moment," McNamara told Wired magazine by e-mail.  "You are either stuck in the past or worrying about the future.  It is important to not think and just do!  Follow your heart and fear does not exist."

I think he's on to something with that comment about the role of the heart in facing your fears.  Yes, true to surfer form, McNamara is a bit New-Agey.  But he's on the scent of an unfinished hunt.

You see, your inner passions and convictions really do have everything to do with riding out your 100-foot wave.

Oh, it's coming, trust me.  You won't be seeking it out like McNamara seeks out his literal waves.  But eventually something will rise up -- some circumstance in your career or finances or relationships or health will threaten to engulf you.  And when that happens, conquering the fear of that wave depends on your "heart" -- that word we use for the priorities and loves that drive our life.

When King Hezekiah faced the 100-foot wave of Assyrian invasion, he followed his heart straight to the throne of the God he loved.  There he rested in God's competence to handle his problem.  Read the story in 2 Chronicles 32:1-23 (with more information in 2 Kings 18-19, and Isaiah 36-37).  We'll study the story together this Sunday @ 10.  It's part of our series on King Hezekiah called "Faith>Fear."  Bring a friend!

The Anchor Course starts February 10.  If you are exploring faith or trying to explain your faith to others, the Anchor Course will help.  Consider it a sort of "tour guide" for our faith.  Join me this Sunday, February 10, at 5:30pm for a "no obligation" introduction of the study.  More information is available here.


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