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Dig Another Well
by Tom Goodman
February 1, 2012

When things don't go your way, you have to fight two temptations -- blowing up and giving up.  Either you want to lash out at the people who are making life difficult for you, or you want to give up trying.

In Genesis 26:12-22, a young man named Isaac could have given in to both of these temptations.  As a shepherd, one of the most important parts of his job was making sure that his animals had enough water.  So, what was he to do when his enemies covered or claimed wells that were rightfully his?

He could have blown up.  But it would have destroyed him.  Even though he was powerful, his Philistine neighbors were still more powerful.  He knew that, sometimes, trying to even things up hurts you more than it hurts your enemy.

He could have given up.  Every well his father dug had been covered up, and every new well he dug was caved in.  But he said to himself, "I will never stop trying, and I will never try stopping."

Instead of blowing up or giving up, he just trusted that the God who blessed him once could do it again.  He got his eyes off the problem and lifted them up to the God who had the solution.

Country singer Paul Overstreet had that biblical story in mind when he sang,

So when the rains don't fall and the crops all fail
And the cows ain't puttin' any milk in the pail
Don't sit around waitin' for a check in the mail
Just pick up the shovel and dig another well
Pick up the shovel and dig another well

This Sunday, we're going to look at greater depth at what Isaac's story can teach us.  But you don't have to wait until then to pick up the shovel and dig another well.  Pray this: "Lord Jesus, we turn life's setbacks over to you right now.  Help us not to blow up or give up.  Help us to know that you are not simply the God of the good old days.  You are the God of good new days, too.  You've blessed before, and you can do it again!"

Reminder: Turn in Your 4X4 Commitment Cards.  Last Sunday we talked about how to be a person of spiritual influence.  Now it's time to turn in the names of those you commit to spiritually influence in 2012.  Drop your commitment card in the offering plate this Sunday.


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