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“Halfway Point!”
by Tom Goodman
October 27, 2004

We’re at the halfway point in our 40-day spiritual growth campaign, but if you’re new to attending Hillcrest, it’s not too late to get involved in the campaign!  Come this week and get a book, join a small group (9:30 a.m.) and participate in the service (10:45 a.m.).

Discipleship Tools.  God is conforming you to the image of his son (Romans 8:29).  That’s what “discipleship” means, and “discipleship” is the third of five purposes we’re looking at in our Purpose-Driven Life campaign.  This week we’ll look at three unexpected tools God uses to make us look like Jesus:  troubles that God allows into our lives, temptations that the devil brings into our lives, and trespasses that others inflict upon our lives.  Jesus faced troubles, temptations, and the trespasses of others.  If you’re going to look like Jesus, you going to go through this stuff, too.  Come this week and learn how to grow through these experiences.

Fabulous Fall Fellowship!  This Sunday, we’re holding an event is for all ages:  kids, youth, and every generation of adults.  There will be booths for little kids, giant video games for older kids and youth (okay, and adults!), table games, and food.  There will be a dunking booth where you can dunk members of the ministry staff (my former secretary thought of this one!!).  The evening will conclude in the Worship Center with a costume parade and a concert with the Southern Gospel group, the Melody Boys.

We need your help!  Lots of people have signed up for working in this fellowship, but we still have openings.  Go online at to sign up for the remaining openings.
Vote!  Don’t forget to prayerfully consider all the important issues facing our region and nation, and then vote by November 2.  As you consider your role as a citizen Christian, a useful web site is

Upcoming Events.  You guys are doing a great job staying “flexible” during the campaign!  Regarding these upcoming “Purpose-Driven” events, be sure to pray and participate:

The Ministry Fair – Sunday, November 7
The “Invitational” Golf Scramble – Saturday, November 13
“Discover Hillcrest” – Sunday, November 14
Celebration Sunday –  November 21
For more information about these events, read the weekly “Purpose Page.”  You will find it in your bulletin, in your newsletter, and at

Keep up the great work!  See you this Sunday!


New Chapter:  I’ve added a new chapter to The Anchor Course at www.anchorcourse.blogspot.comReading these chapters will help you explain the faith, and forwarding these chapters to your seeking friends will help them explore the faith.

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