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"Writing Letters to God"
by Tom Goodman
November 8, 2006

A distraught teen sought forgiveness for an abortion.  An unwed mother wanted God to make the baby’s father marry her.  A man asked to win the lottery—twice.

These were the requests in letters written to God.  The letters—about 300 in all—were sent to a New Jersey minister across the last thirty years.  They were recently found in the ocean, most of them unopened.

Bill Lacovara found them while fishing last month with his son.  He spotted a flowered plastic shopping bag and waded out to retrieve it.  “There are hundreds of lives here,” he said, showing reporters the dried-out letters.  “A lot of struggle, all washed up on the beach.”

The letters had been sent to Pastor Grady Cooper to be placed on a church’s altar and prayed over.  Cooper died two years ago at the age of 79, and someone probably disposed of the letters when they were cleaning out his belongings.  “I guess rather than just throw them in the garbage, maybe they thought they'd set them out to sea to bless these people,” Lacovara said.

Did the pastor or congregation ever pray over the letters?  Were the letters ceremoniously sent to sea or unceremoniously thrown away?

We may never know what people thought of the letters, but we know what God thought of them.  When the Apostle John described his vision of the heavenly worship service in Revelation 4-5, he said, “The four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb.  Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints” (5:8).

Notice what value is placed on our prayers:  They are carried in golden bowls by those closest to God’s throne, and our prayers circle the Lord like perfumed clouds of incense.

Take heart and return to your prayers.  No matter the value people put on them here, God listens.


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