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Discover Hillcrest -- and a Free Lunch!
by Tom Goodman
November 7, 2007

If you've been thinking about membership at Hillcrest, this Sunday would be a perfect time to attend.  On November 11, I will lead the Discover Hillcrest class during a free lunch.  The class is for those who want to become members, and for those who just want to learn more about Hillcrest.

About twenty percent of those who attend Hillcrest haven't joined, and this is normal.  These days, people will attend a church for several months -- or even several years -- before deciding to join.  Actually, I'm not disappointed in this trend.  I'm glad that people are giving careful thought to joining a spiritual family instead of just joining on impulse.

If you're part of that twenty percent, this class is for you!  I'm so glad you participate in the life of Hillcrest and support our ministry.  In fact, I'm far more interested in your continuing involvement than in just your membership.  Still, membership is important.  Rick Warren, the author of the best-selling book, The Purpose-Driven Life, said that there were five biblical benefits to joining a church:

  1. It identifies us as genuine believers.  (Ephesians 2:19; Romans 12:5)
  2. It provides a spiritual family to support and encourage us in our walk with Christ.  (Galatians 6:1-2; Hebrews 10:24-25)
  3. It gives us a place to discover and use our gifts in ministry.  (1 Corinthians 12:4-27)
  4. It places us under the spiritual protection of godly leaders.  (Hebrews 13:17; Acts 20:28-29)
  5. It gives us the accountability we need to grow.  (Ephesians 5:21)

If you could benefit from these biblical advantages, join me for my Discover Hillcrest class this Sunday.  As I said, lunch is provided and we dismiss around 2:15 p.m.  Topics include:

  • The most important thing you need to know about Jesus.
  • Four fundamentals of spiritual growth, using the acronym "H.I.L.L."
  • Our church's key values and strategy.
  • How to "connect" with others in the church.

While I teach the adult class, our Children's Minister teaches "Discover Hillcrest Kids" for children ages 8-12, and our Youth Minister teaches "Discover Hillcrest Youth" for students in grades 6-12.  Childcare is provided for children under the age of 8.

Pre-registration for the class is encouraged but not required.  You can register by replying to this email note.  And forward this email to others, and encourage them to attend with you!


Golf Time.  Sign up for our Hillcrest Golf Tournament November 17.  You can now pay your registration fees online with a credit card!

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