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“The Mom Who Went on Strike”
Hillcrest Church Office

May 8, 2003

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“The Mom Who Went on Strike”
by Tom Goodman

Michelle Tribout went on strike . . . from her kids.

She climbed up in the kids’ treehouse and told her husband that she wasn’t coming down or cooking or cleaning until the kids started helping out and showing some respect.

The media got wind of the Striking Mom, and soon crews from five TV stations showed up. A reporter from People magazine wanted an interview. The BBC called, and a radio station in Australia.

According to Mrs. Tribout, her 15-year-old, 13-year-old, and 7-year-old, had been fighting each other, disrespecting her, and refusing to get out of bed when she called them. So, one day they came home from school and found their mom in the treehouse and a note below it: “On strike mom. No cooking, cleaning, doctoring, banking or taxi service. Out of order.”

Her husband, Sonny, an appliance repairman, supported the strike, so the kids had to do some fast thinking. They baked their mom's favorite brownies and wrote up a settlement promising to: “1. Pitch in whenever we see something needs to be done. 2. Act our age, not like we are five. 3. Don't smart off. 4. Come when we are called. 5. We are the kids, you are the parents. 6. Give and take on an equal basis. 7. Ask before we do something. 8. Do not hit or hurt anybody.”

They presented the settlement at 11:30 p.m. A contract was reached at midnight, and Mrs. Tribout came down.

This Sunday, May 11, is Mother’s Day. What a perfect day to reflect on Mom’s hard work and honor her for it. Don’t make her resort to a strike before she gets a little respect!

– Pastor Tom

The story of the striking mom appeared in a story by Robert Berner, The Wall Street Journal, October 20, 1997.

P.S. My last Sunday at First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman is this Sunday, May 11. I look forward to joining you for worship next Sunday, May 18! I’m due to land in Austin next Friday and will be in the office around 1:30.

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