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Wednesday, March 8

In the Worship Center

(You must be connected to the internet to see this picture.) "Two Services: How You Can Bless Your Church"
by Tom Goodman
March 8, 2006

To help you get ready to go to two services on Easter Sunday, I’m covering some important topics.  You can find the first five topics archived here.  There’s one more topic.  Let’s talk about how you can be a blessing to your church family.

First, pray!  For seven weeks, Diane and I started off the new year praying with over 325 Hillcrest folks in our own home.  We encourage you to renew your own prayers for our congregation, too.  Plan to participate in our 48-Hour Prayer Vigil that begins Good Friday.  Watch for more information on the Vigil in a few weeks.

Second, praise!  As important as worship style is, let’s be clear on worship significance.  God wants worshippers; so don’t let the fine points of a particular style get in the way of honoring him.  In a few weeks, you will receive a 21-Day Devotional Guide written by our own members.  The guide will help us reflect together on the quality of our worship experiences.

Third, prepare!  If you still have questions about how the revised schedule will impact you or your family, review the last five weeks of newsletter articles.  Also, feel free to discuss anything with a member of the Ministry Staff.

Fourth, promote!  Promote the two services among your church body.  Don’t leave it all up to the staff to answer questions or address complaints.  Don’t be a thermometer that reflects the temperature of your surroundings.  Instead, be a thermostat that regulates the temperature around you.  Positive words have a powerful impact in a group!  We can get so focused on styles and scheduling and forget the spiritual dimension to this work.  Our Enemy wants to keep us from the kind of worship that changes lives and the kind of evangelism that changes eternity.  Don’t give him the pleasure.

Fifth, persuade!  Persuade your unchurched friends to join you for worship.  We’re going to give you five big Sundays in a row for your invitations.  There’s Easter Sunday, there’s Mother’s Day, and during the three weeks in between those big days we’ll discuss the flaws in the most talked-about book of our time: The Da Vinci Code.  Don’t miss these five big chances to persuade someone to come with you!

This is a great time to be at Hillcrest!  I look forward to serving and worshipping with you in our new morning arrangement!



Greg Buchanan in Concert.  Wednesday, March 8, 6:30 p.m.  Don’t miss this amazing harpist in concert.  For more information, go to Greg’s website where you can hear samples of his recordings.
Links.  Chuck Colson explains “Why Worldview Matters,” Frederica Mathewes-Green explains why it’s more important to love people than simply change culture in “Loving the Storm-Drenched,” Howard LaFranchi for the Christian Science Monitor explains why conservative Christians will keep American from turning isolationist in “Evangelized Foreign Policy?,” and Phillip Longman explains why we can expect “The Return of Patriarchy.”  This last article appeared in the latest issue of Foreign Policy magazine, and it’s getting a lot of “buzz” in Christian circles.  See what you think.  If all that reading gets too deep for you, there’s also coverage on American Idol's Mandisa, now in contest's final 24, who makes her faith in Christ known.
Michele Roberts to Speak.  I’ve asked Michele Roberts to speak this Sunday while I’m away.  Michele will inspire you and challenge you!

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