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Launching Out into 2016
by Tom Goodman
January 20, 2016

I liked PT Forsyth's observation about the current state of Christianity.  In his old book, The Cruciality of the Cross, he wrote:  "We are merely running the kingdom; and we are running it without the cross -- with the cross perhaps on our sign, but not in our centre.  We have the old trademark, but what does that matter in a dry and thirsty land where no water is, if the artesian well on our premises is going dry?"

At Hillcrest, we want the cross to be our artesian well and not just our trademark.  This Sunday we'll continue our study of the meaning of the cross.  You can review the first two sermons in the series at our website.

Missions Munch.  Following our service and our small group hour, we're excited to hear from Anthony and April Shelton.  They serve in Mozambique through the International Mission Board.  April is the daughter of David and Linda Green, who are active at Hillcrest.  The program starts at 12:30pm.  The program cost of $7 covers a wonderful box lunch prepared for us by Corner Bakery.  We will have a limited number of tickets on sale the day of the event, but when they're gone they're gone.  So, I suggest you purchase your ticket before that.  Buy a ticket at the Wednesday dinner, drop by the church office by 4:30 on Thursday, or pay through our website.

Lottie Moon.  Speaking of missions, we are just $1,843 away from our $35,000 goal for Lottie Moon.  I think it would be wonderful to announce during this Sunday's Missions Munch that we had reached our goal.  Would you help?

The Hillcrest Institute.  Our KMT (Kids Music Theater) has begun, and you can learn more at  Our adult classes won't begin until February 14, but we encourage you to review the list and sign up early.  Go to to learn more.

Lynn Chappell's Memorial Service.  Join us Saturday, January 23.  Visitation begins in the auditorium at 12:30pm, and the service begins at 2:00pm.

Neighboring Faiths.  I had a wonderful visit with my Hindu neighbors last Sunday.  When they found I had interviewed a Hindu priest at Hillcrest, they wanted me to send them the link.  During our "Neighboring Faiths" series nearly six years ago, I interviewed a Jewish rabbi, a Muslim imam, a Hindu priest, and Buddhist monk. You can watch the interviews at


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