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REPLY REQUESTED: Leadership Breakfast
From the Office of Tom Goodman
August 5, 2010

Your quick reply is needed:

Dear Hillcrest Leader,

We are asking for your sacrificial participation at the Leadership Breakfast Sessions planned for either August 22nd or August 29th.  You have your choice as to which one works best for you.  You may recall the survey Pastor Tom led our church to participate in in the Spring.  It was the Transformational Church Survey from LifeWay Research.  Many of you took the time to fill this out, and we have now received the results.  We will be examining our results against those of the national, non-denominational research project and discussing the places where we are doing great, and those where we can work together to improve.

I cannot stress enough our desire to have every Bible Study leader in every age group, every committee head, every deacon, every leader in our church in attendance at one of these meetings.  The meetings will be held in the student ministry space on the third floor of the 3-story Education Building beginning promptly at 8:00am.  Childcare will be provided (see reply form below).  Breakfast will be served, and we will dismiss you by 9:30am.

Please respond as soon as possible.

Pastor Tom Goodman
Herb Ingram, Adult Education and Outreach

Please click "Reply" and fill out this form:
___I will be attending the session on ___August 22nd, or ___August 29th.
___I will be bringing ___ people with me (spouse or associate leaders)
___I will need childcare for: (Names and ages please)