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by Tom Goodman
September 21, 2011

I hope you're planning on lots of "Connections" across the next few weeks.  Here are a few:

Connecting in Prayer.  "I pray only when I am in trouble," Isaac Bashevis Singer once said, and then added "but I am in trouble all the time so I pray all the time."  This Sunday we'll conclude our 4-week series on prayer.  Last week we looked at Christ's instructions on prayer, and this week we'll look at Christ's call to prayer in Matthew 7.

Connecting Others to God in Prayer.  I hope you've see the new sign in front of our church, asking those who pass by, "How Can We Pray for You?"  In just one week of calling through our Connection Campaign, we've prayed for nearly 300 people in the neighborhoods surrounding our church.  It would be a great thing for our church to be "famous" in Austin for intercessory prayer.

Connection Sunday.  Continue to pray for our Big Day, Connection Sunday, October 16.  In one week of calling, over 20 have already said "yes" to our invitation to come, and over 40 more have expressed interest and have asked for more information.  You're already seeing some of those neighbors in attendance at church!  (And a warm welcome to our neighbors who already attended last Sunday and are now receiving this weekly newsletter in their email inbox!).  After 4 weeks of calling, we expect over a hundred new faces on October 16.  Pray!

Connection Countdown.  As a way to prepare for Connection Sunday, we're setting aside October 2 as "Connection Countdown."  Jon Randles will be speaking and the Chris Clayton Band will lead worship.  We'll have a special evening session as well as a morning session this day.

Minute-To-Win-It: When Generations Connect.  This will be a fun way for our multigenerational church to interact!  At 5:30pm on October 2, join us in the MPC for BBQ sandwiches and a Minute-to-Win-It competition between the generations.  We're asking every Sunday School class and Common Ground group to put forth their "champion" for this great contest!  After the fun, we'll go into the auditorium where the  Chris Clayton Band will lead us in worship and Jon Randles will challenge us.


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