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God Uses Good-byes
by Tom Goodman
September 22, 2010

Last Sunday, Jim Siegel let our students know that he will be moving to Temple to serve as Minister to Students of the First Baptist Church.  We wanted the youth group to be the first to know, but he's sharing the news with all the Hillcrest Family in his newsletter column this week.

This is a time for three things.

First: This is a Time for Celebration.  People who know God is in charge have reasons to celebrate even in their losses.  I can celebrate that FBC Temple has found a good man to replace their youth minister.  I can celebrate God's provision of a well-qualified interim youth minister (see the next paragraph).  I can celebrate nearly 7 years of Jim's service here, which included his ministry to my two sons.  I can celebrate that God has a plan for Hillcrest!

Second: This is a Time for Commitment.  God uses everything in our lives to make us better disciples -- and that includes saying good-bye to a leader.  I've often seen God use an interim time to make a group stronger if they'll let him.  So, now's the time for our youth leaders, our parents, and our students to make a fresh new commitment to "be there" for each other.  Jim has been challenging the students to "own" the youth group, and now's the time to put those commitments in place.  For leadership during the interim, I'm grateful that God has prepared Paul Smith to serve.  Paul has served as college minister at Hillcrest before, and he has two girls in the student ministry and a son who will join the youth group next year.  The activities and the trips and the worship opportunities are still on the calendar.  We're not going to miss a single beat, so you don't miss a single week!

Third: This is a Time for Confidence.  As God prepared Jim for FBC Temple, God has prepared someone to lead our student ministry here.  Don't take your eyes off our mission:  There are 60,000 under the age of 19 who live within 5 miles of our church, and I believe God wants to use Hillcrest to reach into these neighborhoods!  Pray for God to quickly give us the one he has prepared to lead us in this work.  Pray, and be confident in the future God is calling us into!

So, express you celebration, your commitment, and your confidence in the weeks ahead.

All parents and youth workers are encouraged to attend a special Parentline meeting this Sunday, September 26, at 6:45 p.m. on the third floor of the education building. On Sunday evening, October 3, we're going to honor Jim and Karen Siegel with a fellowship at 6:45 p.m.

God bless our Hillcrest Family!


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