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Summer Sunday Fun Day FAQ
by Tom Goodman
August 6, 2008

Join your Hillcrest Family this weekend for "Summer Sunday Fun Day"!  To get you ready, here are some answers to "Frequently Asked Questions."

What age range is this designed for?
This is a churchwide event.  Our college minister and her husband are coordinating the event, but that doesn't mean it's just for college students and young adults.  We'll have games and activities for all ages, kids through senior adults.  Here's a chance for you to mix-n-mingle with folks you don't normally see.
Where is the Fun Day?
It will be held at the Hillcrest MPC.  The outdoor events will take place on the Anderson High School fields.
When is the Fun Day?
From 4-8pm this Sunday, August 10.  We hope you can stay for the whole thing, but we'll publish an event schedule if you need to pick and choose what part of the Fun Day to attend.
What games and activities will be held?
Think of this as an old-fashioned "Field Day."  We'll have washers, volleyball, horseshoes, dominoes, and softball.  We'll have sack races, egg tosses, 3-leg races, and "couples kickball."
With these record-breaking temperatures we've been having, won't it be too hot for a Fun Day?
We'll be next door on the fields at Anderson High School for some of the events, but many of our events will be held inside the air-conditioned Hillcrest MPC.  Also, we'll have plenty of drinks and watermelon to keep you cool.
Will there be a meal?
We will break for supper at 5pm.  We will provide drinks, but you are responsible to bring your own meal for you and your family.  This is not "pot luck," but you may want to bring enough so you can invite someone to sit with you for your meal.
What about ice cream?  There's got to be ice cream at a summer Fun Day!
Absolutely!  We'll provide the ice cream and all the fixin's for sundaes.  Check the schedule this Sunday to find out when the Sundae Bar will be open!
Will Herb make a fool of himself in the egg toss?
There's no guarantee, but it's likely that every staff member will have our Kodak moments!

I hope to see you at this event!  School starts in just a few weeks, so let's close out the summer in a big way!  If you have any questions or want to help in some way, please call the church office this week!

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