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Three Reasons to Support the Malawi Mission Trip
by Tom Goodman
October 8, 2014

Our church has been given the honor to host an overseas meeting of 200 missionaries and their kids.  Eighteen of our people will go to Malawi in March 2015.  You can partner with them by contributing to the high cost of this trip.

The Zambezi Cluster of our International Mission Board (IMB) is made up of personnel serving in Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia.  Every two years the missionaries and their children gather to refresh and to plan.  Our church is honored to host their next meeting.

In March 2015, a Hillcrest team will travel to Malawi to provide activities for about 100 preschoolers, children, and youth, as well as inspirational meetings for about 100 adults.

I hope you'll give to our church's Malawi Mission Trip.  I'm praying for $25,000 to be raised in October and November.  Here are three reasons to give:

First, your gift makes you a partner on this trip.  I want our missionaries in the Zambezi Cluster to know that it's not just 18 individuals but the whole Hillcrest family that's hosting their meeting.  Not everyone can go, but everyone can have a part in the trip by supporting it.

Second, your gift blesses our missionaries.  Most of them serve in very remote areas, rarely hearing their mother tongue, always giving with few chances to refill their emotional reservoirs.  Your gift will go directly to an event designed to refresh them.

Third, your gift makes it easier for members of your Hillcrest family to serve our missionaries.  Those who go on this trip are using their precious vacation time.  If they have children, they are arranging child care.  On top of that, they'll be re-arranging their family budget to find the $2,500 per person this trip will cost.  By raising $25,000 in October and November, we can cut their financial burden in half.

In the business world, an investor is someone who contributes to a company he or she believes will be successful, and the investor expects to share in the success when it comes.  Be an investor in this trip!  Mark your contribution "Malawi Trip," and we'll get it to the right place.

Update:  Speaking of giving, I'm excited to report that last week we met and exceeded the goal for our "A Beautiful Thing" capital campaign!  You guys rock!  We'll keep the account open for ongoing contributions, because we have ongoing campus improvements.


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