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New Adult Groups and Other Hillcrest Happenings
by Tom Goodman
July 9, 2014

Several new Common Ground groups are starting this summer.  All of these will begin on July 20 in the MPC unless otherwise noted.

Newt and Judy Hamlin begin a group for grandparents.

Paul and Marina Rusch begin a group for parents of middle schoolers.

Charles and Jan Dunn have already begun a group for parents of children in the later years of high school and college.

On August 17, David and Linda Green will begin a group for young couples "BC" (before children).

Diane and I begin a "newcomers" group on July 20.  In addition to reaching out to newcomers, we'll invite worship service attendees who haven't yet connected to a small group.  After 8-10 weeks in our group, participants will be guided to join the Sunday School class or Common Ground group that's best for them.

No one is being asked to leave their existing group to participate in these new formations.  But if you're interested in joining any of these new tables, or if you have questions, contact me.  Be in prayer for the continuing growth of our Bible study ministry!

Church Picnic and Baptism.  Join the Hillcrest Family for a picnic and outdoor baptism!  On July 27, we'll gather for worship at our normal time (10am) and place (Steck Avenue).  Then at 11am, instead of gathering for small group Bible study, grab some lunch and bring it to City Park!  We have a section of picnic tables reserved until 3pm.  You can learn more at our website, where you'll find a video explaining baptism and a slide show of last year's picnic.

"God Is Closer Than You Think."  This week our Sunday morning sermon series continues with a message called "Finding God in Your Crisis."  In 2 Kings 6, when Elisha was surrounded by enemy forces, his servant was in a panic.  The prophet prayed for his servant:  "Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see."  The prayer was answered, and the servant saw they were protected by angelic forces in "chariots of fire."  Join us this week so you'll be ready to look for God at work in your next crisis.

Discover Hillcrest.  This Sunday I host my "Discover Hillcrest" class for those ready to join and for those just checking out the church.  It's a one-time class that meets for one hour in the MPC after the morning service.


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