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Special Message for Winning Ways Subscribers
by Tom Goodman
September 10, 2013

Dear "Winning Ways" Reader,

Take a moment to let us know if and how you're sharing the "Winning Ways" devotionals delivered to your inbox each Wednesday.

The weekly devotionals are designed for you to share with others you want to engage in spiritual conversations.  This has always been the goal of "Winning Ways," but especially during the 7-week "Explore God" campaign.

You can share by forwarding the email, or also by passing along the link to the "Winning Ways" post that shows up on Facebook and Twitter each Wednesday.  To keep up with us on social media, "like" us on Facebook, or "follow" us on Twitter.

A new "Winning Ways" devotional will arrive tomorrow.  Please drop me a line and tell me how you're using the devotional to engage people in spiritual conversations.  And let me know the results of those conversations!

Pastor Tom

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