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The Easter Encounter
by Tom Goodman
March 31, 2010

Everything's bigger in Texas, they say.  Apparently that includes roadside crosses.

One in Groome, for example, stands 190 feet, and a 100-foot cross with a chapel can be found in Ballinger.  In Houston, Sagemont Church planned a 250-foot cross; the FAA limited approval to 170 feet, which still makes it taller than the Statue of Liberty.

But a recent article in the Houston Chronicle reported that not everyone's thrilled with roadside crosses.  "The process for building these enormous crosses isn't easy," according to the Chronicle.  "Even though they're on private land, zoning regulations or angry neighbors can cause a legal stir."

Take the controversy in Kerrville, for example.  The Coming King Foundation has been trying to erect a 77-foot cross since November, but neighbors filed suit.  A compromise was recently reached (which includes the requirement of a fence so the neighbors don't have to see the cross).

When it comes to lifting up roadside crosses, I can understand why some are touched by the piety and others are annoyed by the kitsch.

When it comes to lifting up the meaning of Christ's cross, though, may it always be dear to our hearts.

The death of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to Scripture, made all the difference in such large-scale issues as rescue from sin, ongoing victory over evil, reunion with God, reconciliation with each other, the ability to live lives of patience and forgiveness, and the chance to attain eternal life.

This week, we get another chance to lift up the cross through "The Easter Encounter."  It's a time to remember, reflect, and rejoice.

  • On Thursday, April 1, join us for the Lord's Supper at 7 p.m. and remember.
  • On Friday, April 2, join us at noon for our Good Friday service and reflect.
  • On Sunday, April 4, join us at 10 a.m. for our Easter celebration and rejoice!

Jesus said, "I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself" (John 12:32, ESV).  Lift up the Lifted Up, and that magnetic force still exerts its pull today.

Even if you don't have a roadside cross.


(View a photogallery of giant roadside crosses at the Houston Chronicle.)

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