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Matching Funds for Haiti Disaster Relief
by Tom Goodman
January 18, 2010

Matching Funds

You are well aware of the tragic situation in Haiti.  We all want to do something, but we also have concerns about how to give in the most effective way.  Our Missions team has voted to match any monies given through Hillcrest for Haiti up to $6,000.  This will allow the church to participate and to make our personal gifts go further.  Already, $1,364 has been given, and the church will match that.  That means that $4,636 remains in the matching fund.

Where will the funds go?

The matching funds will be divided evenly between two Baptist relief organizations...

Baptist Global Response.  Partnering with the International Missions Board, BGR is a global Southern Baptist relief and development organization with a heart for seeing the poor and suffering have the opportunity to experience a full and meaningful life.  It is well equipped to deal with disasters such as this.
Texas Baptist Men.  Many in our congregation have been a part of this group over the years.  Texas Baptist Men trains volunteers and coordinates efforts in providing prompt assistance to disaster victims.  Texas Baptist Men maintains a fully-equipped mobile disaster relief feeding unit and works to coordinate with the Regional units throughout the state.

Both BGR and TBM are currently fully engaged in providing relief to the people of Haiti.  Dividing contributions between these two groups will allow us to be supportive through both a state and a national organization.

How to Give

Checks should be made to Hillcrest Baptist Church.  Write "Haiti" on the envelope or in the check's comment field.  We will take care of the rest.