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From Bunker to Beachhead
by Tom Goodman
June 2, 2010

Some Christians prefer life in the bunker, hiding away from what they perceive as the overwhelming forces of unbelief in their culture.  But faithful believers know they are called to influence, to persuade, to win hearts and minds.  They know their own lives are to be kingdom beachheads in God's gracious invasion of a fallen world.

Another word for the beachhead mentality is "missional."  It simply means to live with the keen awareness that you are supposed to be participating in God's redemptive mission.

 "We're on a mission," Jake Blues explained to his band in a memorable line from The Blues Brothers.  "From God," added Elwood Blues in a nasal Chicago accent.

Who woulda thought The Blues Brothers was so theological?

(Of course I'm being tongue-in-cheek.  The 1980 film was a vehicle for some great blues songs, but mind the R rating for language.)

Jake and Elwood had their own notion of what it meant to be on a mission from God.  But what does it really involve?

Across the next three weeks, we're going to be in a short series I'm calling "From Bunker to Beachhead."  I've been marinating in the pages of the book of Acts, and in the third and fourth chapters of Acts I see some things we need to do if we're going to move from a bunker mentality to a beachhead mentality as believers.

The first thing we need to do is get into the world with both words and deeds.  We can't leave off one or the other:  We need to share the message of Jesus and meet needs in the name of Jesus.  That's what we'll see in our study of the third chapter of Acts this Sunday.  We'll watch Peter heal a lame man in Jesus' name -- and offer an astonished crowd divine forgiveness in Jesus' name.  He set the pattern for our work today.

As a part of the message, I'm going to introduce you to a special summertime missions challenge.  I want us to assemble home health care kits for a ministry called Baptist Global Response.  When I was in Zambia last summer I saw how these home health care kits were used by missionaries to build relationships with families in need.  I want our church to partner with our missionaries in this simple act of kindness.

Join us this Sunday @ 10 to learn more!


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