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Changed by Christ's Toughest Words

Sunday Mornings
9:30 & 10:45 "Honest to God!"
by Tom Goodman
May 9, 2007

Marilee Jones was the gatekeeper for students seeking a degree from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  She resigned last week when it was revealed that she did not have any of the degrees reported on her resume.

For 28 years in the admissions office, Jones was responsible to ensure that only the most qualified students were granted entry into MIT.  But on her own resume, she listed degrees from three schools in upstate New York that she did not earn.  In fact, she had not even attended two of the schools.

In a book she co-wrote last year providing advice for high school students applying to college, Jones warned against “making up information to present yourself as something you are not.”  She wrote, “You must always be completely honest about who you are.”

Good advice.  Too bad the author didn’t follow it herself.  In a prepared statement, Jones said she had “misled the Institute about my academic credentials” in applying for her first job at the school in 1979, and “did not have the courage to correct my resume when I applied for my current job or at any time since.”

Can people count on your word?  Jesus spoke of the integrity he required of his followers.  He said we should be so trustworthy that no one would feel it necessary to make us back up our word with any oath or vow.

In this Sunday’s study, we’ll look at what Jesus says about this issue in Matthew 5:33-37.  Its part of our ongoing series called “Extreme Makeover.”  On the TV show by the same name, a carpenter named Ty Pennington and his crew rebuild a home for a deserving family.  In our study series, we’re seeing how a carpenter named Jesus wants to rebuild our lives.  Join us at 9:30am or 10:45am!

By the way, since this Sunday is Mother’s Day, bring your mom!  And moms of adult sons and daughters: tell them that the best Mother’s Day present you could get from them is to have them sitting with you in the worship service!  Months ago, I pledged to pray for the adult children of our members.  I’m lifting up your “kids” in prayer even as I send out this article!

One more thing.  My thanks to Karen Raulie for the video presentation of all those wedding photos this past Sunday!  What a touching way to open the sermon!


Youth Dessert Theater this Friday.  More here.

Make in Difference in Kids' Lives.  More here.

Kids Basketball and Cheerleading Summer Camp.  More here, including a printable registration form.

Second Half Ministries Potluck Picnic, Saturday, May 19, 5:30pm.  Springwoods Park on Anderson Mill Road.  Bring either a main dish, salad, veggie or dessert.  Drinks will be provided.  This is a good time to bring a friend and introduce them to 2nd Half Ministries!  If you have an outdoor game, bring it along!!  For more information, contact Sheila.

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Here are five principles for growing in discernment that have implications for our daily lives: imitate God, distrust your heart, think biblically, involve others, and decide to worship.”

There’s more at my weblog, “Get Anchored,” including the "Song of the Week" ("The Wedding Photo Song" by Jim Cole/Clint Black), Hillcrest at Cannes, coverage of the Biola arts conference, why sonograms would reduce abortions, as well as continuing coverage of our church's vision.  To keep up with the journal, sign up for e-mail updates or assign the feed to your news reader or Google Personalized Home Page.

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