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Hearing Aids
by Tom Goodman
May 16, 2012

Communication isn't just jaw flopping.  It's a skill that we need to develop for the good of our relationships.

Imagine you're driving down the road and pass a sign with this warning:  "Don't Go Into the Box Unless the Wayout is Clear."  Would you know what it meant?  The sign would make perfect sense to an English driver.  In Britain those signs are posted to warn:  "Don't Block the Intersection."

Or say you stopped for directions and an Englishman replied:  "Take the dual carriageway to the first roundabout, keeping a sharp eye for the left-coming signs.  Take the wayout just beyond the first flyover after you pass the car park next to the petrol station.  Beware of the loose chippings and the crown strollers.  Follow the road diversion and make sure you by-pass the road-up.  If your motor car breaks down, you can use the lay-by or any of the verges to look under your bonnet."

You would probably leave that conversation mumbling something to your wife about why you never stop for directions!  Again, though, the conversation makes perfect sense in Great Britain.  A dual carriageway is a divided highway; a roundabout is a traffic circle; a wayout is an exit; a flyover is an overpass; a car park is a parking lot; a petrol station is a gas station; loose chippings are fallen rocks, and crown strollers are slow-moving road hogs; a road diversion is a detour, and road-up is a road under repair; a lay-by is a place to pull off the road, verges are road shoulders, and a bonnet is the hood of your car.

Got it?

Sometimes we think we're communicating just because words are being spoken.  Real communication involves more.  This Sunday morning we'll continue our series called "Getting Along" by looking at the keys to good communication.  See you @ 10!

Graduate Recognition Sunday is This Sunday.  Be sure to contact Steve Cloud about including your special graduate in the honors!

"Blue Jeans and Bluegrass" is Coming, Sunday May 27.  We're encouraging everyone to dress casual on May 27 so you can be ready to help us with the big Move Out!  After small group, we'll provide lunch, and then we'll clear out the auditorium so the crews can start the renovation.  It's a "Beautiful Thing!"


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