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Meet, Pray, Love
by Tom Goodman
March 31, 2011

The decision to renovate our Worship Center is entirely up to you.  So, here are four things you need to do right now:

First: Pray

Our deacon body has recommended that we renovate our Worship Center.  The "First Impressions Team" that our church elected to develop a Campus Master Plan has seconded the motion to begin our campus improvements with the auditorium.  And then our deacons wisely advised that we introduce the renovation proposal on one night and then call on our church to pray about this matter for a week.  Take a moment right now to pray for the Hillcrest Family as we consider this.

Second: Get Informed

We now have the "Frequently Asked Questions" and a video recording of last Sunday night's presentation online!  The video includes all the images I referred to in the presentation.  Watch it for the first time or review it again.  You'll find it at our website

Third: Spread the Word

Let's face it:  Asking people to show up on a Sunday night for a business meeting isn't like asking them to a pie social!  That's why you and I need to work extra hard to impress upon our people how important this is.  Forward this email to your Sunday School class, your Common Ground group, and your circle of friends.  It wouldn't be a bad thing if each member got this note two or three times from all of your forwarding.  Let people know how they can view the "FAQ" and the video.  Do everything you can to enlist people to attend this Sunday, April 3, 6:45pm.

Fourth: Attend Sunday's Meeting

People have asked if they can vote absentee.  Sorry.  That's not an option under the governing rules for this kind of discussion.  That means you have to DVR your Sunday night TV show, get your kids in childcare (we offer it up to Fourth Grade), and assemble with your Hillcrest Family.

Because of last Sunday's presentation and the Q&A, we don't expect this Sunday's meeting to last more than 30-45 minutes.  We start at 6:45pm this Sunday night, April 3.

The Time is Now

Take these four steps so the Hillcrest Family can do "a beautiful thing" (Mark 14) for Jesus!