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Life Lessons from King David
(Sundays @ 10)
Hillcrest Baptist Church

A Cripple at The King's Table
by Tom Goodman
November 2, 2011

You can find "me" in "Mephibosheth."  In the name, of course, but also in the story.

Mephibosheth was the son of Jonathan, the closest friend of our beloved Old Testament character, David.  Jonathan loved David as deeply as his father, King Saul, hated David.  Jonathan loved David despite the fact that David would be king instead of him.  David indeed became king upon Saul's death in battle -- in a battle that took Jonathan's life, too.

It was a few years into his reign that David found Jonathan's last remaining son, Mephibosheth.  The young man was crippled in both feet from an accident in infancy.  In fact, he probably received his name on the same day he received his injury:  On the day his father fell in battle and his household ran for their lives.  You see, his nickname means, "He who scatters shame."  When David found him, "Shame-spreader" was living in Lo Debar which roughly translates as "Nowhere."

He was a real nowhere man, living in a nowhere land.

It was common for new kings to rid themselves of anyone connected to a former monarchy.  But David called Mephibosheth into his presence and extended remarkable love to him for the sake of Jonathan.  He ordered Jonathan's family estate to be returned to the crippled exile.  He assigned servants to work the land so Mephibosheth would have a livable income.  And -- here's the most beautiful part -- David said, "You will always eat at my table."

As I said, you can find "me" in "Mephibosheth," because his story is my story.  God searched me out and found me.  And though I was handicapped by sin and living in Nowhere-land, yet he loved me for the sake of someone else.  For the sake of Jesus, he promised me, "You will always eat at my table."  And so here I am, blessed beyond all expectation, a cripple at the King's Table.

You can read this beautiful story 2 Samuel 9, and you can study it with us this Sunday.  Its part of our continuing series, "Full-Throttle Faith: Life Lessons from King David."  We'll also gather around the King's Table to celebrate the Lord's Supper.  Don't forget to "Fall Back" this weekend:  Daylight Savings Time ends, so set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night so you can join us @ 10.


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